Back at the beginning when we were beginning to comprehend that it was a pandemic, we thought Calif. Gov. Gavin Newsom was doing well – acting just the way you want the leader to act in the face of something so onerous, so unruly, so potentially deadly.

There was so much unknown and there was so much guessing and the possibilities were staggering. Locally, we were preparing to expand hospital facilities into gymnasiums to accommodate the sick and dying it seemed we might have. 

As long as they’re moving things in what seems generally to be the right direction, you want leaders that aren’t timid about making decisions and barking out orders. 

Of course there were a lot of people who resented that even at the beginning. We wrote that off to politics and the attitudes of unbelievers.

But it’s nine months, give or take, down the road. For some time now, we’ve been waiting for the strategic retreat – backing up and re-thinking things. It’s time now to reassess what we know, what we think we know. And it’s time to acknowledge that we’ve gone beyond the original mandate of “flattening the curve” to prevent a manic inundation of our health care system and society.

We also need to acknowledge that there is more than one plot line to this horror show. There’s the deadly disease; and the deadly effects on our economy. Order all the restrictions you want, when your survival – both physical and economically – is on the line you’re going to tend to hold counter-intuitive edicts in low regard. What really helps hold down the rates of infection? Does keeping restaurants closed or practically closed help so much that we must expect those business people to go bankrupt?

And, finally, we need to have it acknowledged that one size does absolutely not fit all. One percent in a Colusa equals 60 people; 1 percent in Sacramento equals more than 5,000. It makes a difference in case rates; it makes a big difference in what your goals and strategies should be.

We’d like to see the governor commit to a reset; and it needs to come after some very real and genuine listening and consideration is given to legislators and citizens.


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