This happens too often. We’re driving down the road and all of a sudden there’s someone walking across the street in front of us. Or we turn a corner and, out of nowhere, when the light beams turn, there’s a human inches away from where our car is going.

We’re all for responsible driving; but we also believe in being a responsible pedestrian.

During the day, or at night when you’re at the casino, you might look dashing or gorgeous dressed all in black. But outside, in the neighborhoods, as you walk or bike or jog around? Well, you look ... like nothing. People can’t see you outside at night if you’re dressed all in dark clothing.

You’re putting yourself in danger if you hit your jogging trail at night dressed in dark gear. You’re letting your kids put themselves at danger if you let them go out at night dressed in dark clothing.

For a car or truck to stop to let you safely cross the street, they have to see you. If they’re turning a corner, the light beams might not hit you soon enough and they might not see you in time.

Pull a white t-shirt over your dark clothing. Or tie a white cloths around your ankles. Or wear a white jacket. Or put on a reflective vest. If you’ve got a pooch on a leash with you, put a reflective collar on them or a bright white cloth tied around their neck.

Don’t dress to kill; dress to not be killed. Please.

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