For working stiffs, there’s a long weekend coming up. Only, what do you do to celebrate Labor Day? Here’s our recommendation: make plans to go to Nicolaus.

It’s been a couple years since we were able to witness it first hand, but we had a blast at the Nicolaus Labor Day Parade, and we’ve heard nothing but good stuff about it since.

We don’t mean to be peevish, but some of the other parade organizers in the area should check out how Nicolaus runs their parade and find out how they attract the quality participation they get. The 30th annual event kicks off at 10 a.m. Sept. 2 along Marcum Road. It’s one of the few real parades now days ... with actual floats and entries other than just cars and trucks.

Theme this year is “Red, White and True” and it will be fun to see what the kids come up with. The highlight of the day is the actual parade, but there will be other attractions – plenty of good food booths.

Coordinators say they expect around 30 entries (though many entries consist of multiple elements) and about 1,000 attendees (for a town of 200). We think that estimate is low; the streets are enjoyably clogged.

Spectators should arrive early to get prime parking spaces. Kids should take big bags for candy.

The event is thrown annually to raise funds for four schools: Marcum-Illinois Union Elementary, Pleasant Grove Elementary, Browns Elementary and East Nicolaus High school. 

According to our story, Max Scheiber has been the parade announcer all 30 years and will be there again this year. Check it out.



Another outfit that’s doing it right: Yuba County One Stop

There must be a bunch of employment centers around the country; and a lot of them that throw some focus on employment services for veterans. But to date, there’s only one that’s twice been honored nationally.

Yuba County One stop, provides job resources, information and training and especially targets veterans for help and has been at it since 1985. They just won the Mark Sanders Exceptional Service to Veterans Award from the National Association of State Workforce Agencies. 

One Stop earned the award back in 1997, too.

What’s special about One Stop’s veteran program? It has staff members who are fellow veterans to help clients navigate their transition to employment. One of their employees partners with local businesses to find the best matches. They placed more than 100 veterans in full-time employment last year – hundreds more were served through programs at Beale Air Force Base.

They have a can-do attitude and they care. If you’re a business that needs to recruit, check them out.

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