Yuba City, if things go well, will trade out a wasted parcel plagued by contamination for a much-needed hotel development.

Crews have been working on soil remediation the last few weeks at the parcel close to the downtown area, which could, if developed properly, bring a new boost to the neighborhood’s economy. Within walking distance for hotel guests would be a number of restaurants, shops, entertainment venues, and local celebrations. The development might also include some amenities such as conference space.

It will have been some 14 years since the city added new hotel space, we’re told. It’s time for a resurgence.

The site is at Bridge and Shasta Streets and is known as the Feather River Mills. The land has been used for rail lines, train station, a match plant, lumber company, marine boat service, electronic container storage, plant boiler, saltwater tank, coal piles and charcoal storage ... and there were some major issues with soil contamination.

The city has been maneuvering to get the property cleared up and into the right hands for some progressive development. We’re convinced that the city’s investment in getting the property in shape will pay off.

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