In an informal, online survey the Appeal posted last week, most people are wearing masks, most by far are not worrying about being evicted, and most people think schools should remina closed to in-class instruction.

Just more than 200 people too the “Life in a Pandemic” survey with the biggest share of participants coming from the 41 through 64 age group and most were from Yuba City and Marysville.


Question: “What about face masks?”

Responses broke down like this: 20 percent said they wear one all the time; 61 percent said they wear one when they’re around other people; 5 percent said they don’t generally wear one with “no good reason”; 6 percent said they don’t because it’s silly; 4 percent said they don’t because of breathing problems.

Comments included:

 – Selfish, ignorant people don’t wear masks.

– I wear them in public spaces and when I’m around others not in my household

 – Conflicting data/info on efficacy of masks.

– I’m not convinced masks help, but it’s easy to do and I’d rather try something than be sorry later.


Question: “Has the pandemic affected your housing situation?” 

Fully 91 percent said there was no effect; just 6 percent said they are unable to keep up with rent/mortgage and a couple more respondents said they had worked out deals with landlords. None of our respondents said they currently were being evicted.


– Emotionally, it has worn on us.

– No problem, but only because I live with my parents and care for them.

– I am affected and my salary has been reduced; but I still pay my mortgage.

– Treading water. Not losing our home.


Question: “How should schools react?” (We also asked if respondents had school-aged children living at home and 55 percent said they did.)

Just more than 41 percent said schools should stay closed to in-class instruction; 25 percent said they should open up in-class instruction; and 32 percent said they should do a hybrid of in-class and online instruction.


– It is not safe to go back to school. Teachers are not baby-sitters. Those who want to open school up are selfish and ignorant. Teachers do and will provide education, regardless of the situation …

– They should stay closed until there is a decent decline in the test positivity rate and community spread of the virus.

– Kids need interaction and I’m hearing pediatrician ok it

– If this virus is dangerous, the staff of the schools should not be exposed to so many people. Children do not keep their germs to themselves.

– I have a 72-year-old father living with me who has COPD and is on an inhaler and can’t afford for kids bringing something home to him.

– Once or twice a week for connecting with teacher: 10-12 students in classroom for 3 hrs; the rest of students should be on zoom with aids and/or teacher for help each day if not in classroom. Social distancing and masks required in classroom.

– I’m a mother not a teacher so I don’t know how or what will fix this shit but I don’t want to teach my children school stuff too that’s why I send em to school

– They should give parents the 3 options you presented. Every family has different needs.

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