An informal online Appeal survey last week brought in just more than 200 participants and, by far, most indicated the COVID-19 pandemic has them concerned.

Most respondents were in the 41-64 age group (62 percent), followed by the 21-40 age group (23 percent); and the 65 and older group (13 percent). More than 60 percent were fro Yuba City; 16 percent were from Marysville; and the rest were fairly distributed around Yuba, Sutter and Colusa counties.

Of the group of respondents, only 4 percent said they or someone in their families had tested positive.


A couple other questions:

Question: “How concerned are you about the pandemic?”

Exactly 50 percent said “very concerned”; another 27 percent said “moderately concerned”; 15 percent said “not very concerned”; and 7 percent said “not at all concerned.”

Comments included:

– I have a compromised immune system from my 27 year Military career.

 – I worry mainly because others don’t seem to be taking it seriously.

– I worry that many of our local residents are either not taking it seriously or are into stupid anti-government “rebellion” against the simple precautions being asked of us.

– Concerned more about the mental effects this is having on youth. About the people who’ve lost jobs and seen that snowball into more because of the collapse of moderate to small businesses.

Question: We asked, “What about testing for coronavirus?” and 17 percent said they have been tested; 18 percent said they want to be tested but aren’t sure what to do; 10 percent said they’re scared of getting tested; and 32 percent said it would be a waste of time, with many commenting that they see no need for testing because they exhibit no symptoms.

Some of the comments:

– I would like to be tested, but am not showing symptoms at this time.

– I’m afraid of the results – but I also haven’t knowingly been exposed so I haven’t felt the need.

– Even if you test negative today, next week or month you might be positive.

– It’s impossible to get tested and results take over a week. Testing needs to improve.

– I have very limited contact with anyone at all. I currently don’t feel the need to use a test on myself that could be used on someone more in need.

– Should be available at no cost for everyone with short turnaround time.

– From what we have heard the testing is limited to those that have symptoms and do not want to wait in long lines.

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