The Appeal is offering an informal, online survey to readers to gain insights to the community’s thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic. This survey updates a similar survey conducted in July.

So far, after just two days, 70 people have responded to the new survey. Just over 200 participated in July.

Comparing some percentages:

– So far, 13 percent now say that they or someone in their families have tested positive. Just 3 percent said that in July.

– Some 60 percent now say they’re very concerned; 7 percent say they’re not at all concerned. In July 50 percent said very concerned; the same 7 percent said they were not at all concerned.

– Now, 42 percent of respondents have been tested; only 22 percent had been tested in July.

– Now, 90 percent say they wear masks all the time or whenever they’re around other people; up from 80 percent of respondents in July.

The new survey will remain open through next week and can be accessed at; or by going to and finding a link at the top of the home page; or by looking for our post about the survey on our Facebook page.

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