Samuel Werrbach

Samuel Werrbach, 20, Yuba City.

Samuel Werrbach, 20, Yuba City, New Earth Market employee, on: What do you like about the Yuba-Sutter area and what would you improve?

– “I took a gap year and went to Guatemala and Kenya with Potter’s Field Ministry instead of going to college.”

– “I was a teacher in Kenya and did outreach in Guatemala, and one of the first things I did when I got back home was drive around the Sutter Buttes.”

– “On the way home, we flew from Montana and when we were over Reno,  after all the storms, seeing the foothills seeing and everything green – I knew I was home.”

– “I got together with a bunch of my friends who were getting back from collage about the same time, and we went to Brock’s Ice Cream.”

– “More incentives and programs to entice businesses to come here.”

– “More community events would be good. The farmers markets are good and so is GAP, but having more events where the community can get together would be good.”

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