We’re curious about what local readers think of President Donald Trump’s announcement last week that he would declare a national emergency at the southern border in order to shift funding into building a barrier.

As of Wednesday afternoon, 116 people had responded to the informal, online survey.

We’re asking: Is it an emergency? And so far, 38 percent say, “yes, definitely ... there is a crisis at the southern border”; 1 percent say, “Maybe/maybe not ... it’s important, but I don’t know if it’s a true emergency”; and 61 percent say, “no, it’s not an emergency ... there are other more urgent matters.”

And we’re asking: Is it a good idea? And 34 percent say, “yes ... the president is our chief executive... if he says there’s and emergency, there is.” And 5 percent say, “Maybe/maybe not ... I don’t know if it’s a true emergency, but Congress will never deal with it.” And 61 percent say, “No... it sets a terrible precedent. Emergency declarations should be about much more urgent, national security issues.”

Cast your vote and leave your comments by going online to appealdemocrat.com and clicking on the file near the top of the home page entitled: “What do you think of the President’s emergency declaration?” In that story (located outside the paywall) is a link to the survey. It will be open through noon tomorrow (Friday).

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