The Appeal-Democrat recently asked the Facebook crowd: “What’s the best part of living in Yuba-Sutter? Why do you like it here? What would you recommend to newcomers? What’s the worst part of living here? What would you tell people to avoid?”

Here are some of the responses:

Cheryl Sutton: I moved there in 86 – it was a small town where I felt safe and I knew where my kids were most of the time and there were good families that helped along the way! But lately, going back there is heartbreaking – the number of homeless. The crime is most disturbing but then again it’s everywhere! I do miss living there!

Deanna Zimmerman: When I moved here in 1995, Places Rated Almanac had this metropolitan area rated in last place (and ALL metropolitan areas in the US and Canada are included). Five years later, with the next edition, it was rated 3rd from the last. But not because we got any better, but because two new, worse metropolitan areas were added.

On my way up here in the moving van, the news said that there were about 1,000 gang members in the tri-county area, with 500 of them living IN Yuba City.

The one thing I’ve always LOVED about this area is that we have the most amazing, state of the art, world class medical facilities (and medical staff). And it just keeps getting better.

Michael Buttacavoli: We are a small town with a big heart. Our community sticks together in times of need and we work towards the betterment of our county. We have home grown, hard working people. The kind that built this country. Ya there’s some bad eggs here just like everywhere and life really ain’t always pretty but life is for those who live it. I love the open spaces and the fields and orchards. Or the sun setting behind the Sutter Buttes. Ya, I like it here.

Heather Munoz: Is there a best part of living here? Because I’m having trouble thinking of one. California in general is not the nice place that it used to be. Decades of being a single-party state have ruined it nearly beyond saving. As for this area... yuck. I was born here, but I have no desire to stay here. Homeless and trash everywhere you look, drugs, low wages, super high housing prices. Housing costs WAY more than this area is even worth, so I question the sanity of everyone who buys a home here. Most jobs here are service industry jobs, because for some wacky reason people in this area don’t value education. It really is depressing. I would never recommend that anyone move here.

Julie Martin Coulson: ... I do realize it is your opinion; I didn’t take it personally. I just think that we could live wherever we want, so why not live in a place you enjoy.

Wendy Morgan: I agree with you on the housing. This county is way overpriced for the wages they pay here. Most people here make low or minimum wage for doing jobs that pay twice as much just a short drive away.

Carol J Davis: Heather Munoz, excuse me. You are very wrong about education. Don’t put everyone in the same basket. I have continued my education my whole adult life. My granddaughter has been born and raised here. She has served in military and is about to get her PHD. I am an retired RN. I continued with alternative medicine at 62. So before you judge ask people. My grandson just enlisted in Air Force. One of my daughters is a teacher.

Valerie Strawmier: The best part of living in Yuba-Sutter is that despite the fact it’s growing, it still feels like a small town and everyone knows everyone. People are friendly, the community is supportive and stands together during crisis, and it’s a great place to raise a family. You’re a couple hours away from any major sites, a little longer for the ocean ...

The worst part of living here in my opinion is the growing crime rate, the spreading homeless and the roads. The community’s law enforcement is doing their best but have limited staff to work with, so it’s starting to feel a little more unsafe. ...

Jon Rouse: Best part is that it is pretty central in location: Near the foothills, bigger cities and close enough to everything else. People seem to care and want change for the better, which is good.  The bad: The area gets hurt hard from policies that relate more to the more populated areas of the state. Honestly makes sense to split the state, but that won’t happen.

Brian Chester: Most of us are probably here because our family and friends live here... it’s home. Small city without any of that hectic traffic that comes with big cities... the worst thing here is probably that the counties let the homeless run amok anywhere they want.

Lisa Morrell: Lots of farm fresh produce - best. Lots of traffic. Not enough mental health services and high cost of housing - and not enough employers that pay a decent wage.

Jennifer Mank: The best part of living in Sutter County is my family. But I also love the farming and fresh farm produce. The migratory birds in the rice fields are amazing, as are our beautiful Buttes. We have great Mexican food and good schools and community support for families with young children. I would tell newcomers to avoid the river bottoms, even though they should be an asset to our area. But if you must go, hire a boat guide to take you safely.

Karen Kochie Cartoscelli: The best part of living in Yuba City is family, friends, nice people of all races and religions. Quiet clean neighborhood with nice responsible neighbors. Next we have the proximity to all of natures and ag wonders. The Buttes are beautiful. The orchards in spring bloom are amazing.

Mike Martinez: Raised in the Oroville area and after the military decided to plant roots in Yuba/Sutter area. As I see a lot of negative comments I’ll stick with positive comments. Think about people, we’re 2 1/2 from any major area like ocean, SF, Reno and mountains within a rock throw. Also the weather is great here (for me). 

Christy Anderson: I was born and raised in California. Life is how you make it. You have to make it good.

Allison Manley: There’s a ton of family friendly activities here, which is great, but a lot of the time it’s hard to feel safe, and traffic is terrible.

Sarah Del Buono: I like that we have so many playgrounds that benefit all ages, not just one age group. This area offers so much for our children. Coming from a larger metropolitan area, I was just amazed at what Sutter County provides! I like that people look at you and say “hello.”

I don’t like that our shopping is limited and our indoor activities are limited (for rainy and extra hot days).

Lacie Robertson: I’m sorry, I wouldn’t recommend the area to anyone because of the rampant and growing homeless problems which are not just limited to unsheltered people laying around but also a huge amount of vandalism and theft due to a large portion of them being addicted to various illegal and legal substances sorry. ...

Dale Smalling: Hummm...  this is California so you are probably not gonna get good feedback. Especially right before they raise everything on us and taxes etc. But if you must know, I love it cause I’m from here and have roots here. Pretty much it! We need to fix a lot and stop attacking us by raising everything so high that we can’t survive as productive members of society. Give this to the government and tell them we the people of California are in distress and feel attacked on many levels. But happy new year!

Renea Dees: Best places to eat street tacos and drive the buttes scenic route. Worst place to feel safe with family enjoying the river areas.

Kaylene Renee Rector-Baysinger: I don’t mind Olivehurst. I’ve lived here all my life and I know many good people from my town. However, I don’t recommend living in this state anymore.

Gary Baland: We live in a great area, I love the bird fly overs both from Beal and from Grey Lodge. Hate the traffic lights through YC on 99.

Jessica Devore-Silsby: The best part for me is that it was the last place I have memories of my Mom. She passed away a year and a half ago, so I love that I can go down memory lane when I go certain places. It helps me feel closer to her. I also like the fact that we are close to most anything- mountains ranges, Disneyland, beaches, Yosemite, snow adventures- all just a couple hours any way you go.

Lori Duke Woodel: The worst part? The heat in the summer. Makes me want to move to North Dakota.

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