Masks. Why have they become such a controversial topic? We asked participants on our Facebook page to share their perceptions about masks, whether they were pro or con.

Here are some of the couple hundred responses:

– Kevin Capell: I hate wearing a mask, it is annoying and uncomfortable. With that said I still wear one. I wear one because I believe in science. I wear one because it’s respectful to others. I wear one because I’m not selfish. When I’m in public and see others without a mask it tells me they don’t care about anybody but themselves. I know that there are some medical conditions that prohibit wearing a mask, but the overwhelming majority are just selfish people. There’s also the group of people that think a mask is a political statement and refuse to wear one because their party leaders also refuse to wear one. It’s very frustrating that our local law enforcement will not uphold public health guidelines and tells me they have no respect for me.

– Lisa Lynn Ringelberg: I have masks, I will wear one when required. I have breathing problems so it’s probably not worn on my nose. I refuse to wear one for a long period of time because it can cause further damage to my health. I can keep a safe distance no problem and have no issues respecting others but a mask is a big no for me!! If I don’t have to wear it I will not nor force my family to wear one. God gave us the ability to breath out toxins for a reason and breath in fresh air for a reason. I will distance myself and family to keep us safe.

– Sunny Kang Bains: Wear a mask! Our grandparents went to war for us. Our healthcare workers wear them all day long trying to save our lives. Can’t we do our bit by just wearing a mask while at the grocery store? Maybe if we all worked together we can bring the numbers down and resume normal life!

– Alesia Matdanbry: The question of why the masks have become controversial: On one side people wear masks because they see it as being necessary, either because of health concerns or because they were told to. The people who don’t have varying reasons. They can’t because of health reasons, or they do not believe it is necessary, or don’t want to be told what to do.

– Jerry Hale: I’m on the fence. I understand why they want people to wear masks, but I find it hard to see as an effective way to slow the spread of COVID-19, via not enough research that outweighs the negative effects. Such as CO2 inhalation, WHO stating they have no effect, etc.

– Heidi Jahnsen: I wear it where it’s required. But if it’s not required, I don’t. I don’t breathe well with it on, and I don’t believe they’re necessary. Most people who get sick, get over it fine like any flu. It’s only dangerous for elderly and immunocompromised. Those people should wear masks and already take health precautions. It doesn’t make sense to require everyone to adjust and businesses suffer for the few who were at risk before all of this.

– Tiffany Ornelas: For being a mask opponent it’s all of the above that you mentioned. However, if people want to wear one that’s their choice. It doesn’t bother me if they do or don’t.

– Cindy Williamson: Enough is enough! Wear a mask because you care for your safety and others, period!

– Joseph Moye: I try to be aware of others and wear my mask when I’m in crowds or public spaces. If I am alone I don’t wear it.

– Josiah Riley: I wear a mask when I believe it is effective. I understand my wearing a mask inhibits my spreading of the virus. I also believe it is not for the government to mandate the wearing of masks. I will continue wearing a mask in spite of the mandate not because of it and will whole heartedly support any non-mask-wearer’s choice to be stupid.

– Billy Butler: I actually want the virus to run its course and get herd immunity. Everyone quarantining and then reopening is keeping it going. Yes at a slower rate but it gives it time to mutate. If we just lived our lives like every other virus that’s come and gone we would be over it already. And the death rate has been lower than expected by an order of magnitude. We can’t just stop living because life is dangerous. If we banned cars there would be no car crashes and that’s the most likely cause of death for young healthy people. Shutting down our society and the economy over anything doesn’t make sense in my opinion.

– David Hyatt: I don’t wear a mask. Since this whole COVID thing started my family and I have been business as usual except for the kids not going to school. Instead my whole neighborhood had a great summer. Kids kayaking and swimming in our pond, the neighborhood boys riding dirt bikes together, barbecues and hanging out. This virus isn’t going to be disappearing. You all need to live your lives.

– Holly Magiera: I wear and make masks. To date I’ve made over 100 masks at no charge to family and friends. I do it as a public service to try and stop the spread of the virus so we can all remain safe and healthy so that our lives can hopefully get back to normal sooner rather than later. I don’t understand why there’s such pushback against wearing them. Yes they make it a little difficult to breathe but if it keeps people safe then why aren’t we willing to deal with a little discomfort?

– Zachary Ransom: The state cannot and will not tell me what to do, I will be celebrating Independence Day, I will not wear a mask. If you feel unsafe around those of us that will not wear a mask, why don’t you just stay home?

– Misty Rossiter: I hate them as it feels claustrophobic to wear and don’t feel like I can breathe but I still do when it’s needed or required.

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