With federal legislation being introduced to fund improvement of vital evacuation routes, including areas around Yuba-Sutter, we thought we’d ask readers who visit our Facebook page what they’re thinking, in terms of emergency services and evacuations.

People are thinking about it. That’s for sure. 

Here’s an additional smattering of comments:

Cyndi Mauro:  I’m smarter every time. ... unfortunately I have too much experience after three times of evacuating. ... The only thing I forgot after the dam scare was my wine and my computer mouse. I’m not very good with the laptop’s touchpad, but I did get much better.

Tisha Newton-Stewart: After what happened in 2017 I wouldn’t go anywhere. Being trapped in traffic for hours was a nightmare. ... I live in Yuba City, off Walton at the time. Took 3.5 hrs. to get to SUTTER. I had 3 kids and a dog. Gas was on E. My sister-in-law was on her way as well and it took her 8+ hours to get to us ... I think talking about this keeps it fresh, and relevant in our minds. What did we do right? What did we do wrong? What would we do differently this time? I would NOT leave my home this time.

Marie Bennett: First time we evacuated it took me 3 hours to get to Beale AFB. It usually took me 15 minutes.

Suzanne Newland: I’m so sick of evacuating, but after doing it so many times I know what to do to be ready. Yes, I still evacuate.

James Mitchiner: I’m not leaving because last time it was chaos ... lawlessness on the road was at an all time high ...

LeOwn Sprague: I’ve been through that with the Oroville spillway evacuation. I wasn’t prepared at all. I live in Olivehurst. Got stuck halfway home up in Bangor.

Sue Ann: Just need Yuba City to have a plan for traffic. Other than traffic, I just need my animals and I am ready to grab my keys and leave. Everything else is just stuff!

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