Here’s a collection of comments from the Appeal’s Facebook page, website and surveys:

– Over the past several weeks, we had invited people to rank their favorite rock ‘n’ roll guitar players (in recognition of the opening, soon, of Yuba County’s Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento at Fire Mountain). 

We came up with 11 finalists and readers can now go to: and rank them (Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, Jerry Garcia, BB King,  Prince, Pete Townshend, David Gilmour, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughan).

We also asked respondents:

– About the state of

rock ‘n’ roll 

“Classic rock can’t be beat. There are a few good bands still around, but they’re nothing compared to the classics.”

“Itself it’s OK but it’s not as popular as it used to be, and that worries me.”

“Too much reliance on electronics and computerized sounds.”

“There is almost no rock n’ roll produced presently.”

“It’s changed since the ‘70s –  styles, generations. I’m not really sure you can define today’s ‘rock’ as rock. With all the new age music, it’s hard to tell, rap, hip hop, even grunge rock isn’t really rock.”

“Mainstream rock is boring and too poppy sounding. Heavy metal has lost it’s soul and failing into non-existence.”

“Rock n roll is ever-changing and I think it’s meant to be that way. So I am always eager to see what develops next.”

– Do you have a rock ‘n’ roll highlight to share:

“So many highlights. Best show we ever saw was Heart/Def Leppard in 1987.”

“Queen 1975 Winterland $5.00.”

“Front row center at The Who in LA Coliseum.”

“Listening to a great psych album on full blast with the convertible top down. That’s rock heaven for me!’

“Seen Rush live 25 times. Rush Rock ‘n’ roll Hall of Fame introduction ceremony.”

“My first concert was in 1966 (or was it 1967?) to see the Rolling Stones at the Cow Palace in SF. I can still see Mick Jagger dancing across the stage.”

“First concert seeing Sammy Hagar at Cal Expo early ‘80s. No idea that Stevie Ray Vaughan would come into being such a legendary and iconic influence in such a short career and we (the crowd) booed him off the stage.”

“Being blown away by the twin guitar sound of Thin Lizzy when I was 12; being blown away by Rory Gallagher when I was 53 (thank you YouTube).”

“Met Joan Baez at airport; took same airplane; held bathroom stall door open so I didn’t have to pay; said “this is what I will be working on next.”


Since September is Pedestrian Safety Month, we asked what readers think about the issue... how safe is it to be a pedestrian in Yuba-Sutter? Do you know of any areas that are particularly scary to cross? Do you, as a driver, know of any areas where you really have to watch for people on foot?

– Kathy Palacios: Bogue and Olander! I see people at all hours of day and night walking, riding across in motorized wheelchairs, biking across with no reflectors or lights all heading to the recovery houses. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

– Heidi Halterman: Live Oak Blvd and Del Norte Ave. Also, Del Norte and Market St. No where to cross to get to the doctors offices there. You’d have to go all the way down and around to cross safely. The vehicles coming off the ramp from Hwy 20 there drive way too fast.

– Kayla Bandurske: North Beale Rd. (The danger spots are where it’s four lanes). There are a lot of walkers and bike riders there. We have two main bus stations on the road. So pedestrians are common.

Drivers rarely stop at the crosswalks when someone is waiting and they always go at least 10 over the speed limit, because it does shift from 55 to 35. Some of the crosswalks have a warning light the walker can activate when they want to cross, but drivers don’t abide by it. ...

– Jessica Lassiter: My daughters and I cross at 5th across Olivehurst Ave frequently. Nobody ever stops! We’ve actually started recording because it’s so bad. We are very obviously trying to get across and half look at us and keep going, or are on their phones. Recently a man saw us after he went into the corner store and came back out and saw we were still waiting. He pulled out and stopped for us. ...

– Sandi Fortney-Hill: There needs to be a crosswalk on Bridge St between Plumas and Cooper for parents to cross with their kids. So many cut through there... someones going to get hurt. ...

– Jessica Ella Barrows Tatro:Kids walking to school through the intersection of Lincoln and Walton and the jaywalking that occurs across Walton to get to Lincoln school. People speed, jaywalk, block the bus lane, and make illegal u-turns every single day!

– Diane Washburn: Try around every school! Seriously, parents are ridiculous! Stopping 3-wide on the street and allowing their children to run between cars. Also, parking 1/2 way down the block crossing right there rather than walking them to the crosswalks. Then you have people driving while on their phones in the same area.

– Shawndel Meder: 4th and H by the hospital is horrible! One nurse has been injured and it’s a matter of time before someone gets killed. 

It’s scary. People run the light turning left onto 4th and people don’t stop turning right into H street.

– Allyson Tom: The Yuba-Sutter area in general isn’t engineered to be very pedestrian-friendly. 

I’m not making a political statement, that’s just from a transportation perspective, flat out, just a fact. And that’s just fine, because most of us here don’t use walking as our primary mode of transportation. In cities where people do use walking more often, you’ll see wider sidewalks in comparison to street widths, which helps pedestrians feel safer as they walk. ...

– Gary Fuller Jr: I always have to watch for people illegally crossing the road on 10th, especially right at the foot of the bridge or just past the motel. Not like anyone’s going to give them a ticket for doing it...

– LeOwn Sprague: Drivers around Yuba County absolutely don’t pay attention. On my bike ride today a truck ran a stop sign, and a semi just slowed and go at another. Drivers around here are the reason I wear protective gear.

– Ashley Thoj: North Beale Road is one road where I frequently see pedestrians. There are a few crosswalks, however, only one of the crosswalks have a light to let drivers know. People drive very fast on north Beale road and do not pay attention to their surroundings, especially if they’re in a rush. ...

– Patty Sprouse: I literally saw a pedestrian get run over by a truck right in front of me on North Beale. 

They have made some improvements since then, like more crosswalks and better lighting, but it’s still a huge issue. And on Hammonton Smartville, there are hardly any sidewalks or bike lanes, but so many pedestrians and bicyclists. 

I always make sure to pay extra attention in these areas.

– Jaek Hartley: A lot of bicyclists don’t follow the rules of the road when they’re “sharing lanes” with cars... Saw a guy earlier that not only didn’t stop at a stop sign, but was riding down the wrong side of the road. 

If I did that in a car, I’d be cited with reckless driving and wouldn’t be surprised if I was thrown in jail.

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