City officials decided to close the Gauche Aquatic Park pool five months of the year.

Some Yuba City residents are upset that city officials decided to close the Gauche Aquatic Park pool five months of the year. They’re upset about not being able to use the pool during that time; about the perceived lack of opportunity for input; and the perceived way in which the decision was communicated to staff and public.

City officials say the pool operates at an annual loss and this will cut the losses.

We asked Facebook friends to give their opinions on the matter. Here’s a sampling:

Laycie Metzger: They should update the Facebook page and offer more water exercise classes. They don’t advertise. I asked them why they don’t utilize their Facebook page and I was told, “the employee that set it up left and they dont know the password.” Is it so difficult to reset a password? Or create a new page?

Jennifer Mank: The lifeguards will all need complete recertification because too much time will lapse while the pool is closed. There will be costs involved with that. What other costs of closing might not have been considered? Will the pools be drained? What will be the start up costs after being closed? ...

Ken Stokes: Great job, YC, taking away something else for the kids– like there are just so many other things in our community for them to do. I understand having to save money– wouldn’t want any county officials taking a pay cut or giving up their county vehicles ...

Neil E. Ray: Unless the economics of running the pool altered so that it is not operating at an annual deficit, it does not make sense to keep the facility open.

Cassie Ferraiuolo: Off season volunteers for selected days of the week throughout the year.

Jeannie Southard: I didn’t know it was open all year. It’s a big pool so it’s cold in the winter. Who uses it during the winter? Are there any grants available to keep it open? We go out to the Sutter Pool because it is warmer. Also, Sutter makes the kids get out for 10 minutes every hour, so nobody poops in the pool. I have had to leave Gauche many times because someone is always pooping in it. ...

Colleen O’Rourke: The pool is heated in the winter.

Jeannie Southard: ... I didn’t know that. Probably why it costs so much. However, if people were aware of that, they might be more inclined to use it.

Alesia Matdanbry: If they were truly interested in the publics opinion, they would have asked the same question you are. Since they did not ask, they don’t care what the public thinks. Smaller cities, if they have a pool, are only open during the summer for lessons in the morning, and to the public in the afternoon. If people want to swim daily, they have to join a gym that has a pool.

Celine Hamrah: The employee at GAP never knew that it was closing until they saw it in the Appeal Democrat. What are they going to do for the FRAC swimming team ? Sad day for Yuba City.

Robert Walsh: Our founders asked the question, what is the purpose of government? Is the purpose of government to tax its citizens to run a water park complete with government pensions for each employee whose costs, I am sure, are not included in the profit/loss statement? I love the idea of a water park and I am sure a private company could run it much more efficiently ...

TL Churchill: I spent 25 years in the commercial swimming pool business selling heaters, filters and chemical control systems. No public pool ever breaks even on paper! I am assuming management has changed at the city and the pool is not on their priorty list. If you check with the city of Roseville or Rocklin they all cost more that they can bring in! ...

Laura Franken Sudderth: Perhaps these folks can do several fundraisers to help with the costs to keep the pool open all year.

Dallan Reese: Are our elected city leaders proud of being listed #17 in the 25 worst cities to raise children? Being in the bottom 10 percent nationally for access to places for physical exercise? Because closing GAP five months a year seems like a great way remain in both. ...

Keeping the pool running is part of the cost for being a community that people who have a choice want to live in. We should be expanding access to physical fitness facilities. 

Kim A. Sweetwood: I don’t remember the Sam Brannan/Gray Avenue swimming pool being open all year....

Sherri Wickersham Tucker: If people want use of a pool year round then check into a health club membership. If it’s not feesable and they are taking a loss by keeping it open, staffed and maintained then I see no viable reason to keep it open an additional 5 months.

Wendy Wilson: The pool shouldn’t be a money maker, just pay for itself averaged over the year.

Arnoldo Garcia: Get local businesses to sponsor year around open swim.

Rusty Thompson: Too bad, we need less kids in that river...

Jaek Hartley: Government really isn’t supposed to exist to create revenue... They’re supposed to stay within the budget that never gets set because politicians are greedy weasels. They should either keep it open all year or not have a public pool at all. Taxpayers pay for it, so if you’re gonna keep it might as well have it all year long.

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