We posted for our Facebook crowd that it seemed to us more people were seemingly more comfortable donning masks in public -- one of the tenets promoted by health officials to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

“It seems a little like Yuba-Sutter folks are getting into a groove -- we see a lot more people (practically everyone) wearing masks when we go grocery shopping,” we wrote. “How are you feeling, these days, about the general public and acceptance of masking requirements? And how do you like the re-opening of barber shops and salons? Are people doing it right and playing by the rules?”

Here’s a selection of responses:

-- Jeannine Friemark: I think everything just needs to “officially” open. I make sure I give business to all the restaurants, coffee shops and small stores that have reopened. I want to make sure they stay in business.

-- Badger Underwood: ... you can’t open the schools because the teachers and staff are coming down with coronavirus you don’t want your kids or you catching that. So we’ve got to figure that part out before we open our schools.

-- Kaylene Renee Rector-baysinger: I want my movie theater in YC to open. I’ve missed some good movies, popcorn, and the best soda in town. I’m ready.

-- Sarah Del Buono: ... I thought I read a neighboring county opened their theater with dining.

-- Kissandra Edwards: ... yes. We just went to studio movie grill in Rocklin on Sunday. ... They do require you to wear a mask if you aren’t eating or drinking. The theater room wasn’t packed at all so no need to worry about 6 ft of space. They are doing paperless right now so you do have to scan the code or download the app to order, which is what we figured it would be like. The employees all had their masks on and there was sanitizing stations throughout the lobby and in the hall before entering the theater room.

-- Debi Fletcher Brumfield: Keep it all up and we won’t have any businesses open ... I know cause I owned a small business and no way would I be able to keep it open if I had to shut it down for 6 months.

-- Heidi Perkins-Walker: About half of the community is wearing masks in YS; when I go to other counties it’s closer to 90% .

-- Wendy Bowles: Not many in Brownsville I’ve noticed. Signs everywhere in our Gold Eagle to wear one and not a single employee does. I asked why yesterday and they looked at me like I was an alien. ... I’m immune compromised and have my older parents staying with us while they are evacuated. ... and we have hundreds of fire fighters up here at the moment who are using the store. They all wear masks in the store as well.

-- Kevin Capell: ... If you are having that much of a problem breathing through a mask you should consult a doctor.

-- Becky Hall: Wearing and wearing correctly are 2 different things. Too many people pulling it down off their nose or around their chin still. It’s basic kindness, do it right and it can literally save a life.

-- Jenny Gray: I’m noticing more intelligent folks as of late.

-- Aaron Watkins: Where are you looking? lol

-- Jaek Hartley: I wear a mask to not get hassled... And as soon as I see 1 person in a place of business not wearing one (sometimes it’s an employee), I take it off quickly. lol

-- Diane Funston: With the restaurants illegally open for indoor dining and many not wearing masks we are at the bottom of the barrel for opening. Purple will remain with this half-assed approach and science denial. Look at England. They opened up, now cases are soaring and they’re imposing a very high fine for non-compliance. That’s what we need. Other areas of California are opening more within state guidelines and we remain rebels without a cause. Good luck.

-- Misty Rahm Kitchen: Who cares about barbershops and salons?! The issue is get our kids back in school!

-- Esther Lemire: Open the gyms already.

-- Vickie Hartley Tarrant: Kept my mask on while getting my hair cut I don’t have a problem wearing one.

-- Scott Northrup: I have noticed that the majority of people out and about are wearing their masks. That is probably why our hospitalizations and deaths due to Covid-19 are down. There are also studies coming out showing that those who do contract the virus, if they were wearing a mask, end up getting milder symptoms than those who were completely unprotected. We need to get all of our businesses back open. That will only happen if everyone does their share in this. Wear a mask, wash your hands, and support locally owned businesses as much as you possibly can!

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