This past week, we asked our Facebook friends: “How do you feel about the approval of a COVID-19 vaccine? … Does that make you feel better about life? Is it light at the end of the tunnel for you? Or are you leery of it? 

Here are some of the responses:

-- Allison Manley: I think some people are going to be unpleasantly surprised by how many are going to refuse vaccination.

-- Kaylene Renee Rector-baysinger: I’m happy about it, a light at the end of the tunnel.

-- Diana Smith McCurdy: It’s not safe. We don’t know the long term effect.

-- Jeannine Friemark: I think the State and the Feds are going to keep everything locked down as long as possible. There is no light at the end of the tunnel even with a vaccine. They will drag this out for sure. That’s why I’ve moved on with living my life. I won’t be one taking the vaccine in the near future, either. I am allergic to too many meds and I have had bad reactions to other vaccines. I’ll be part of the 25 or 30% who help build the herd immunity without the vaccine. Wishing the best for those who do take it.

-- Kyle Jackson: … herd immunity requires a vaccine. If you’re allergic to the vaccine then you’re part of the group that’s protected because the rest of us get vaccinated because you can’t.

-- Denise Zemko: I think if people want it to feel safer they should have the option. Conversely I also believe that people who cannot take it or opt out by their own choice should have that open to them too. Individual freedoms are worthy of protections.

-- Kimberly Contreras: I’m in! I listened to a doctor explain why they were able to develop this vaccine so fast. COVID-19 is in the family of COVID viruses that we deal with every year. Each year our flu shots are changed to include the past year’s viruses. The basic fundamentals of the COVID virus is already known. The new vaccine just took some tweaking to create it. They didn’t have to start from square one…  Sounds reasonable to me.

-- Alesia Matdanbry: The development of the vaccine was rushed and political. I am concerned about what that will cost the people who take it in terms of health. I am concerned that the side effects are much like having the virus itself or worse. I am concerned that the tracers embedded in the vaccine are not what people signed up for. I am concerned the vaccine will hurt our children, that thankfully can’t take it yet. We do not know, none of us, what the cost will be.

-- Gary Rohrbaugh: … I am not concerned. As with all vaccines there are risks. Now that I’m recovering I’ll take those risks over getting the virus again and yes it can happen.

-- Colleen Warman Meyer: Yep, 10 years from now they’re going to have those commercials “If you took the covid vaccine in 2020, you are entitled to compensation.”

-- Marcy King O’Rourke: I am very happy to see vaccinations start. This is the beginning of the end of this pandemic, and I am getting one as soon as it’s available to me.

-- Jeremy Smith: I’m not anti vaccine, but no way in hell will I get this vaccine (or any other) that has been rushed with no long term studies. Keep in mind the average approval time for a new vaccine or medication is 10 years give or take. There is going to be a whole new set of attorney commercials on daytime tv in a few years I suspect.

-- Andy Murdock: The development of this vaccine was fast, in fact, they had the prototype for this vaccine a few weeks after the genetic code was sent up for everyone to share just a few weeks after it was discovered. A SARS vaccine was already researched for years before this version. This is a new method of creating vaccines using messenger RNA to program your own cells to manufacture the Covid19 spike protein and present it to your immune system. This method allowed for a quick turnaround in development. Hopefully this method will allow for rapid development against other pathogens. I will get the vaccine ASAP.

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