Rightfully so, probably, the COVID-19 pandemic has crowded out concerns for just about every other thing. We asked our Facebook friends last week, “what important issues are we ignoring or postponing until the virus is under control?”

Here are some of the responses:

– Sallie Saltenberger Fear: The passing of AB77. I am homeschooling my child this year and the money the school gets for her should follow her, but that is not going to happen this upcoming school year. I wanted to do a homeschool charter, but they will not be getting an increase in funds with the increase of children entering into homeschool.

– Gabby Maldonado Rodriguez: Better communication and resources for your largest demographic: Latinos and Asian, especially respect for those who work through anything, including pandemics, our farm workers.

– Gary Baland: If we are data driven, then we should be using tracer data to determine the best course of action to reduce risk of the spread of this virus. And, if a restaurant is doing a good job of keeping us safe, then why not let them stay open. To me what needs to have our focus is local sports and recreation activities. I would also like to see our children get back to school safely. I support our police, let’s make sure that we have a workable system that gives them the best tools possible to serve us.

– StevenTeri Olsgard: East Marysville road repairs. When and how will schools be open/ conducted? How to deal with the homeless camps like on Simpson Ln.

– Steve Westcamp: Where the hell has our gas tax and registration increase money gone? There are some main road corridors in our area that need major attention.

– Joseph Moye: Economic survival, it’s a part of the COVID-19 story but it’s not part of the “how do we adjust to the new reality of” dialogue.

– Darcy Knox: Social distancing has worsened some people’s emotional health. I’m not a parent but I imagine that kids are going stir crazy right now not being able to play with friends and go to school like normal. Bring back the drive-in for movies! This area needs to create outlets for the community to safely enjoy life again.

– Leslie Cline: The homeless problem.

– Regina Boswell Kosinski: ... yes, it’s gotten worse.

– Christine Laing: It has been like Grand Theft Auto around here. I haven’t seen so many autos stolen and stripped or destroyed!

– Traci Hanson: ...agree... We need officers designated to get the car thieves arrested and stay in jail! Laws need to be changed

– Toni Bryant: Theft, drugs, panhandling, trespassing, all of the stolen cars being found burned at the river bottoms... there’s more..much more.

– Kathy Palacios: When school board members can conduct their meetings without masks, not sit 6 ft apart or have remote meetings, then they should consider opening schools.

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