Find questions and comments exchanges weekly on our Appeal-Democrat Facebook page. This past week we asked readers about talking to kids about violence and about climate change. Here’s a selection of comments.


Talking to Kids:

In the wake of the mass shootings this past couple weeks, with all the attention that’s focused on the tragedies, and with children and parents and families among the victims: How do you talk to your kids about all of it? Are you finding yourself more protective than usual? How do you handle it as a parent?

– Keith Erickson: Being in EMS and emergency management for over 20 years, my wife and I tell our 8-year-old straight up what’s going on and what to do in this situation. We’ve gone over run/fight/hide many times and to follow her instinct to survive. Next we will be teaching her how to use a tourniquet. ...

– Lucy Merrill: People can parent how they choose, but I wholeheartedly agree with the way you say you do this. I raised my girls talking to them about everything. I totally believe it could be the difference between raising a victim and a survivor, whether that be physically or emotionally.

– Kimberly Contreras: You don’t talk to your kids unless they bring it up. You shelter them from things that are out of your control. The very young will only be frightened by this situation and there is no good that can come of them being enlightened to this tragedy. Never cause your kids unnecessary trauma from the adult world. My grand kids are 10, 8, and 4. This subject will not be part of their lives.

– Mianna King: Kimberly Contreras. so if they do have questions or concerns, you’re going to tell them what? Nothing? I would love for every child to never know the horror of the world today, but that’s not possible. ...

– Kimberly Contreras: I didn’t say you never say anything. I said you answer questions if they come to you with them. Small children do not need to know the horrors of the world that their little minds can’t even understand. Honest answers can be short and non frightening for small children. ...

– Kurt Gaston: School starts next week. If they don’t know, they will.

– Sam Cress: Kimberly Contreras, schools have active shooter drills. As much as they have fire drills. My son, 8, knows what to do if a shooter comes on campus. He is starting 3rd grade and, yes, he knows about shootings and especially the ones in public places. That way he knows what to do.

Ingrid Nolan: ... Our kids know that any object/tool can be used for bad or good and that we should never make a choice that will harm ourselves or others.

– Colleen Warman Meyer: We’ve discussed preparedness for the situation and how to deal with it, but also how to reach out to those considered “unlovable” by others. How to show kindness to those otherwise ignored. How something as simple as listening and praying with someone when they’re lonely might help avoid the shootings we’re experiencing.

– Kelly Harris-Lawson: I’ve bought my kids bullet proof inserts for their backpacks this year. Lighting does strike twice, it’s been closer to home.

– Cheryl Holt: At the age of 27, my daughter was shot as one of the victims in the Las Vegas massacre. She grew up around law enforcement in Yuba City and I firmly believe her awareness of the evils in our world helped her deal emotionally with the incident and recovery. The recent shootings have brought back some unpleasant memories but she has a lifetime of knowledge and skills to successfully cope.


Climate Change:

Climate change reports are seemingly becoming worse and worse. How do you see the issue? Is it a lot of worry for nothing? Worth worrying about, but not freaking out? Something that everyone on the planet needs to start addressing? Do you think that climate change is having an effect, or could have future serious effects on the base of the Yuba-Sutter-Colusa economy: agriculture? 

– Greg Shephard: To all of you deniers, I guess only 3% of scientists are telling the truth. and by the way, climate does not change every day. However, weather does. ...

– Tiffany Ornelas: Climate change is a hoax! Do your research and don’t believe everything the “scientists” say. Think for yourself, do research and quit believing the media. Ever heard of propaganda?

– Anthony Grace: find sources of info that are not bought and paid for. The 99% lie was based on a group of around 1,100 who would lose their funding if they disagreed. ...

– Aaron Watkins: ... the US military believes climate change is real, and is a threat to security around the world.

– Cory Smith: Not sure if climate change is our fault or a natural occurrence but I will say that we need, and when I say “we” I mean everyone on Earth, need to be better keepers of our beautiful planet.

– Charlie Severance: The Earth abides. Global warming, climate change, and whatever buzz phrase is next, is nothing but a strategy for redistribution of wealth.

– Jose Amador Orozco: I enjoy that people think they’re more knowledgeable in the field of climate change than renowned scientists, such as Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson.

– Chuck Allen: ... Neil Degrasse Tyson is bought and paid for by Democratic politicians. His “research” has been Debunked by dozens of world-wide scientists. If you want an honest scientist then you need to look outside of the USA. 

– Leslie Coupe: Human beings are destroying the planet. If climate change is the end of civilization trashing the planet, I’ll be okay with that. People need to learn to respect the only planet we live on and all the living creatures who call this home. 

– Susan Bumpus: My opinion. Climate change is a natural occurrence but is being influenced by unnatural things. Do I worry about it? Not as much as I should. 

– Amber Thatcher: Who’s telling you guys that CC is fake? Corporations? You can’t use science to back up claims that climate change is a hoax when scientists are the ones announcing it. The planet has naturally warmed and cooled throughout the centuries, but we have sped up the process ten-fold ... 

– Charles Sharp: The Yuba Water Agency does not think climate change is a hoax; they are going to spend $160 million dollars to build an additional spillway for the Bullards Bar Dam. ... The enormity of the changing human behavior on a scale that will make a difference is so huge, ignoring seems the most appealing way for individuals to deal with it.

– Pat Austin: I had to wait until mid-July to hike without snow in the mountains this year. Climate change?

– Stuart Gilchrist: When I was a kid we had uninterrupted clear views of the Sutter Buttes. Now? Not all the time. Hoax or not the sky isn’t as clear as it used to be. Even more disturbing? I remember being able to see Mt. Shasta. From Marysville. Can’t see it now, can you? Why is that I wonder. Just a question. ... 

– Joseph Moye: I believe in science, my greatest concern is the tipping point. Have we gone past it? Is there no going back? If that’s the case we are in for disaster on a Biblical scale. The only consolation is going to be saying I told you so to all of he people who say this is nothing but a money making scare tactic.

– Jaek Hartley: When we start running out of food or water, call me...

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