No matter the winner, perhaps one of the first orders of business should be analyzing our nationwide elections systems. Maybe the rules we play by should be standardized across the country? Or is that even possible?

We asked our Facebook friends, “What was your experience at the polls or in casting your mail ballot? Any snafus? Or did it work well?”

-- Holly Magiera: I dropped off mine and family’s ballots at Sutter county elections office yesterday. I wasn’t trusting our ballots to anyone...given the importance of this election.

-- Christine Laing: Without the electoral college the small states would have no say. The electoral college makes it fair. Our United States would fall apart. Here in California the south controls our state because of their population.

-- Gerald Long: ... It was a ploy after the civil war to keep blacks and the poor from voting. One person one vote... small state, large state.... use 21st century ways to connect.

-- Melissa Jenkins: I’ve been voting by mail since I was 18. I’ve never had any issues.

-- Cherie Crane: ... That you are aware of.

-- Melissa Jenkins: ... Ballot tracker verifies my votes have been counted.

-- Mike Dunham: Our founding fathers knew what they were doing writing the constitution. We need an electoral college to balance the power from larger states. Now, I agree a modification of voting should be looked at in our country. We should consider allowing our electoral college vote by percent of votes not just winner take all. This would allow citizens to feel their votes really count. Lastly, no more mail in ballots unless by absentee. ...

-- Erika Sylvia: ... that’s not why the EC was created though. It was created because they did not trust us commoners to not be seduced by a charismatic tyrant. The representatives were supposed to keep the tyrant from gaining office by overriding the results of the vote. Further the EC was never supposed to be a winner takes all on a state by state basis but by districts. Thomas Jefferson convinced leaders in Virginia to change it to winner takes all, and fearing other candidates wouldn’t have a chance other states followed (to the horror of James Madison and Alexander Hamilton).

-- Andrea Flores: We really just need to split up California so San Francisco and Los Angeles don’t decide on 55 electoral votes every year or split the electoral votes like Maine and Nebraska do.

-- Erin Cucchi: The Electoral College is a brilliant system, and I’m a Republican. It gives the little states a voice. Unless you want the same 3-4 states deciding every election, then we absolutely need to keep the Electoral College. It’s kinda like how California is, Los Angels and the Bay Area speak for the entire state every election. Yuba-Sutter being small population counties have no voice at all.

-- Peggy Vander Ploeg: It’s all a big fat lie, now Trump has three states not counted and Biden only has one that will make him president what a bunch of poo.

-- Suzzan Arnold: I’m for the Iranian purple thumb if you voted and you have to show up.

-- Melissa Jenkins: ... Voter ID laws disenfranchise poor people who cannot afford an ID.

-- Mónica Serrano: I worked at a precinct and also found it odd that I didn’t have to ask! Most people showed me their IDs anyways.

-- Aaron Watkins: You don’t need to show your ID because your signature on your ballot is matched against the one on your voter registration form.

-- David Goodman: ... absentee ballots always traditionally needed to be postmarked a week or two early in order to be at the proper place on time. Course that was before unethical voting practices became the norm in order to manufacture and more importantly maintain a supermajority most of the world calls a dictatorship!

“Those who vote mean nothing, those who control the vote mean everything “ Joseph Stalin

-- Shannon Kiehn: I do think it would be better to have more standardized rules for national elections. It is confusing for the populace when basic deadlines and rules are different from state to state. However, we also need to accept that voting is not for our immediate gratification. We have dedicated volunteers working hard to make sure that every vote is counted ...

-- Chuck Smith: There’s nothing wrong with the voting system. Our elections officials do a good job. They’re counting about what, 120-120 million votes in a matter of days. That’s amazing.

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