We asked our Facebook friends: “Have you been following news of the the impeachment proceedings? Have you changed your mind since the beginning of the inquiries? Do you think President Trump has done no wrong? Do you think there may have been improprieties, but nothing worth the turmoil of impeachment? Or do you think that impeachment must happen?”

– Aaron Watkins: 1. It is Congress, not the judicial branch tasked with this responsibility; 2. Who appoints federal judges? Trump does. Bit of a conflict of interest; 3. It’s a stalling tactic to run out the clock to get this to draw out till the election. 4. But it’s elections that Trump is interfering with.”

– Ron Haag: ... all the witnesses had was their opinion, and hearsay, not one fact witness was at the hearings. Ukraine president said there was no quid pro quo, no extortion, no bribery, no collusion, now Democrats are calling him a liar, this is more spinning by the Democrats,

– Patrick Cahill: Aaron Watkins: No it isn’t. The President of Ukraine wasn’t aware of any pressure and if there is no victim there is no crime. Although Adam Shiff’s fanciful tale he read into the record is both hearsay and perjury.

– Chuck Allen: When Congress subpoenas a person and tells them they can’t have legal representation present during their testimony, and won’t allow conservatives to cross examine, then yeah, I’d say he has the right to “stonewall” Congress. They couldn’t impeach along the lines of the Constitution, so they made up new articles of impeachment and wouldn’t allow Republican representatives to cross examine or call witnesses. They also wouldn’t allow subjects to bring legal representation to the hearings. How can you say Trump is breaking the law by not going along with an unconstitutional process? Your hatred for Trump is blinding your vision.

– Wendy Morgan: Ron Haag: You obviously didn’t watch the impeachment Hearings and are just repeating Hannity or Limbaugh. The facts are there.

– Kitty Marks: Chuck Allen: he was invited to go and bring his attorneys and his witnesses. He refused.

– Erik Kolderup: Impeachment must happen. I disagree with almost all of Trump’s actions as president, but that’s not why I support impeachment. His actions with respect to Ukraine undermine our democracy. He coerced a foreign leader to announce a bogus investigation into a rival. He advanced Russian interests by delaying aid. We cannot take our democracy for granted. This kind of behavior cannot stand.

– Gwendolyn Martinez: I think it is a waste of time and money and same ol status quo and none of it will change anything for working people in the long run.

– Stacey Ann: I was not for impeachment... not until I listened to the witnesses who testified did I change my opinion. Dr Hill’s testimony was quite bipartisan in nature and very compelling. And they all pretty much corroborated each others accounts of what had transpired in Ukraine. Sad! Sickening sad.

– Greg Volkman: I don’t think it really matters if people are for impeachment or not. The fact remains that the case is weak. He’s not going to be removed from office and everyone in Congress knows it. This will die in the House with a whimper. If you want to impeach a president you better have all members of your party and some of the other party. Bill Clinton’s case proved that. The Democrats jumped the gun on this... actually they had to pull the trigger because 2020 is coming. It’s a calculated risk but I personally think it will backfire against them. The ship is sinking.

– Karen Kochie Cartoscelli: The Impeachment is a joke. He has done nothing to warrant it. Quid pro quo is how Washington works. He supports our military, our country’s sovereignty and is making America great again.

– Gabrielle Jensen: It’s all such a wasted bunch of time on both sides of the political isle. Our government has work that needs to be done for the betterment of this country and for the world at large. We need democracy and we need people to respect and protect the people.

– Laurie Burdine: He fits the description of a tyrant. Our Forefathers laid out impeachment for men such as these.

– Gary Jean: Worst in history since Attila the Hun, except that Attila was not totally inept.

– Neil E. Ray: Democrats started to discuss impeachment sooner than any reason could develop. Additionally, having hearings behind closed doors just doesn’t smell right.


(More comments will appear in the Sunday edition.)

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