Parents seem to either love it or hate it.

We were asking our Facebook friends if they have school-aged kids and if they’re getting along with distant learning, thanks to the pandemic.

We asked, “Do you have kids involved in distance-learning? Some parents are finding it difficult to keep everything under control and have productive learning time for each of their kids. What about you? Is everything going OK? Or not OK?”

Here’s a collection of some of the more than 100 comments:

– Vicky L. Battley: I’m raising my granddaughter who is a senior. I really wish they would do distance learning like my kids homeschool was in the late ‘90s. They had textbooks and assignments that they were assigned. There was no “online” learning. They met with their teacher one-on-one twice a month to turn in their work and if they needed help, their teacher was always a phone call away to either go over it over the phone or arrange a time to meet. ...

– Sabrina Johnson Hammonds: It’s hard to keep my 2nd grader motivated: she loves school but not distance learning. Fortunately she has an awesome teacher who does her best to make things as close to normal as possible. I feel my 4th grader isn’t getting much out of it and not because his teacher isn’t trying. He rushes through everything to get it done as quick as he can. Too much screen time for both my children. We are ready for in-class learning.

– Sallie Saltenberger Fear: ... I knew it would be awful so I decided to homeschool my second grader this year. How long does your second grader have to be logged into his/her class? I’ve been curious. We only homeschool about an hour a day. I just hope I’m doing right by my daughter!

– Sabrina Johnson Hammonds: ... from 8:45 to 11:30 and then again from 1 to 1:30 and then she has assignments that need to be done after.

– Liz Menendez: ... Honestly I think it’s also teaching my child to be a lifelong learner. She can’t just depend to be spoon fed information she also needs to be active and engaged in learning. With so many colleges now expecting students to do a part or most of their classes online this is a good start for her. This has just been my experience and so far so good.

– Diane Surita: It’s going well! My freshman daughter is doing great and is happy. We appreciate how hard her teachers are working and the online curriculum they are using is excellent.

– Lisa Rice Lee: Their learning has been filled with un-meaningful busy work. There has been no tangible learning. All computer based videos. Teachers have had little training on the new programs and are struggling. ...

– Lisa Lynn Ringelberg: My kids need to go back to school. I love having them home and the time spent together but both my son’s have IEP plans and distant learning is not helping them. ... They are in 11th and 12th grades and my kids liked school till now

– Angela Wright: Absolutely having a horrible time. Nothing is OK. I want, and my kids want, to go back to normal school. I work full time and drive almost an hour one way to work. This is so overwhelming for all of us, especially my kids ...

– Andrea Flores: It’s a nightmare, really, for working parents. They should’ve just delayed the school year. I have four on distance learning, 1st grade, 4th grade, 6th and 8th grade. Elementary school cannot handle online learning, mentally or emotionally. There is absolutely no balance between school life and home life. ...

–Ericka Pelechowicz: Absolutely LOVE it! I know my kid is safe, healthy, and around good influences all day! Plus I can make him food that he likes to eat and help him with work when he needs it. He misses his friends but he can still arrange to see them. We are definitely making the best out of this!

– Judi Vieira: My grandson is doing fine at home. His GPA is very good. He just misses his friends. But he is safe and not exposed to someone who doesn’t follow protocol.

– Stephanie Sherling: I am grateful that even though my son tested positive for Covid he is still able to learn and isn’t forced to miss school because he is sick (he is doing okay). I don’t think we as a country are ready to send kids back to school. That being said, his schooling is hard for him. He is in kindergarten and I think he would have done better in a classroom setting ...

– Maria Anderson Nauman: Working great for us so far, mostly due to awesome teachers going above and beyond in this situation and we hired a tutor we love. Kids miss their friends but beyond that they are doing good. I do look forward to them going back when it’s time.

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