We asked our Facebook friends about the possibility of phasing out the shelter-in-place order. “Is this a good idea? A dangerous idea? And is it too soon to start opening non-essential businesses, or have orders been too strict?”

Here are some responses: 

-- John Cassidy: I trust the intelligence and soul of Yuba Sutter residents! We have survived floods, potential dam breaks, fires and the Great Recession of 2007-2010. Local elected officials are not going to take unnecessary risks, but reasonable risks are manageable. The data is clear that we are in a position to reopen and we need to get it done quickly to get the economic health of our community back on track!

-- Gray Jennifer: What data? We’ve tested less than one 1 percent of our population, lol.

-- Joe Ehrlich: So glad that our health policies are not decided by CEOs.

-- Judi Vieira: … our community has survived many things over the years. As have many, many other communities. What we, collectively, have not experienced is a highly contagious (per every qualified health professionals) airborne virus, where just walking past a person on the sidewalk, parking lot, grocery store, pharmacy, doctor’s office, can contract COVID-19. That’s all it takes. It’s been proven that many people are asymptomatic, and have no idea they are carrying this virus. While many of our citizens are abiding by the governors guidelines, many, many are not. … My grandson has an autoimmune disease that, if infected, could kill him. I’m not willing to risk his life; he’s only 14. The few times we have left our house to just go for a ride without getting out of our car, I have been both amazed and angered at the amount of cars and people in various parking lots. The majority of them with no masks or facial coverings. ...

-- Cheryl Downs: Since our community has one of the lowest number of the virus I think we need to open up the restaurants and clothing stores. We need to all practice social distancing and if possible wear a face mask.

-- Joe Ehrlich: Clothing stores?

-- Cheryl Downs: ... Kohls, Marshalls. If Target and Walmart can sell clothes then the other places need to be open. Plus I need a haircut, bad!

-- Kari Olson: Very little testing equals very few cases. Get it?

-- Troy Christopher Nichols: If we can all wear masks in public and use common sense, social distancing, proper personal hygiene, I am all for it. No stigma to people who want to continue to shelter in place. But don’t tell the rest of us we are putting your lives in danger because we want ours back. Just stay home and keep doing your thing.

-- Wayne Meyer: … People are not even doing that now, not even close.

-- Erin Edwards: … This is ridiculous. Basically we should never visit anyone ever. We carry everything. People, y’all are just going to have to stay sheltered-in-place forever or move on.

-- Susan Andjames Turner: It’s amazing how some people want to wait til there is a vaccine and then force everyone to take the vaccine. But when schools ask for kids to be vaccinated everyone has a fit saying they shouldn’t have to be vaccinated because it could cause autism. I would call this a double standard.

-- Lacie Robertson: ...The same people who don’t like one also don’t like the other there is no double standard there

-- Susan Andjames Turner: ... I believe COVID-19 vaccine should not be mandatory just like the flu shot is not mandatory. I feel for these small businesses.

-- Jennifer Mank: Let the elective medical procedures occur. They were stopped to allow for the influx of COVID-19 patients but since that didn’t happen, the medical facilities are suffering. They actually need patients now. It’s great that they aren’t inundated with coronavirus, but they need to be able to resume other services. They are having to make cuts, while people wait for their routine care to resume.

-- Keith Navarro: The only mass testing we should think about doing is the antibody test. Otherwise the testing should be for the ones that have symptoms and first responders and medical staff. Testing the general public just to test them is a waste of time and money. Because the test is no longer valid 15 minutes after they get the test.

-- Judi Vieira: Our health is of utmost importance at this time. If this virus is as dangerous as the health officials say it is, we should not be jumping the gun without appropriate testing and security measures. If you look around, you’ll notice that a good many people in this area do not follow the guidelines set by the governor, such as only going out for essentials. Nor do they wear masks. … We do need to get some businesses back open, clearly! Sole owner businesses need their income, as do businesses with larger staff. But, I have yet to hear how they are going to not only protect themselves, but how they are going to protect their customers. ...

-- Heidi Perkins-Walker: We have only tested only 1 percent of our population, we need more testing. Our surrounding counties like Sac County have close to 1,000 confirmed cases. Opening too soon may backfire with additional cases and loss of life. I’d like to open things up but only when it’s safe.

-- Laurie Thompson:... Agree. No matter if Sutter has less who are infected than Sacramento. You open up Sutter and they come over here to Nevada and are infectious and we get sick.

-- Andrea Flores: I think it’s time to start reopening things. At this point people should be accountable for their own social distancing, hand washing hygiene, and face masks. I understand the need for a slow reopening but I dont get why people can’t go back to work and maintain social distancing as the “essential workers” are doing….

-- Larry Vieira: I absolutely want to see all businesses in the Yuba-Sutter area open up as soon as safely possible. I personally know a large portion of our local politicians and law enforcement officials. I am sure that they all want to get things back to as close as normal (keeping community safety as their number one priority) in an effort to support all of our local businesses. Like most others, I am ready to get out of the house and resume the life I had six weeks ago. I just watched Las Vegas mayor Carolyn Goodman saying she is planning on opening the Las Vegas casinos ASAP. When asked about safety, she basically said that wasn’t her problem, that problem rests with the state and federal governments. … Her plan is basically no plan. I know that our local government is much more intelligent than Mayor Goodman. …  Yes, I am ready just please do it correctly. Our community has been lucky up to this point….

-- Lynette Gonzales: Open up. Lift this. We need to get back to living our lives as we feel fit. The ones with respiratory issues can still wear masks and stay 6 feet away from others but as for the rest of us (don’t mean to speak for anyone, just a phrase) we need to go back to work and school. We are not dropping like flies around here.

-- Pete Epperson: Tax revenues pay for social services and entitlements, so we need to open up or else the outcry later will be deafening. We must protect the most vulnerable and be smart about our social interactions but we’re going to have to get moving before there’ll be no merchants who can afford to open up.

-- Lorraine Phillips Ainsworth: When doctors, nurses and hospital personnel say it’s time to open then it’s time to open. Politicians see only dollar signs not human costs. I don’t trust them to make such decisions.

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