We asked our Facebook friends about the possibility of phasing out the shelter-in-place order. “Is this a good idea? A dangerous idea? And is it too soon to start opening non-essential businesses, or have orders been too strict?”

Here are some responses: 

-- Rena Norris: We can do this with social distancing, PPE and adjustments (just like at stores) and proper hand washing and those who can stay at home and work remotely doing so. Bottom line, if we wait too long there will be no jobs to go back to (massive business closures and bankruptcy). We must get our economy moving again. We can do this!

-- Keith Navarro: Just as each state is different so is each community and business. As long as they have a plan on how to do it I’m good with it. Each person will have the option to stay sheltered in place or go about their life as they see fit.

-- Anna Shine: At least open up barbershops, hair salons and nail shops but still put the social distancing in place.

-- Lori Fuller: How should your hair stylist do your hair from six feet away?

-- Anna Shine: … They wouldn’t. Just separate the customers 6-8 feet away from the other customer.

-- Judi Vieira: ... I make appointments for my hair 6 weeks in advance. That doesn’t solve the close contact that we come in contact with our hairdressers, and they come in contact with every hour of every day. How do they totally keep their workplace disinfected in between each customer? How will they shampoo their clients hair without leaning over them, inches away? And if they work in a salon that has several hairstylists, within a few feet away, also with customers in their chairs, how will that work? Then you get into being over the limit for crowd size (10 or more). Barbers are even worse. Not to mention nail salons, massage, acupuncture, tattoos! I need my hair done in the worst way, but I’m willing to wait a little while longer.

-- Wayne Meyer: I have just been grocery and veggie plant shopping late this morning. Traffic is about back to the level before the pandemic. In the stores, I was one of about 5% wearing facemasks. Looks like not many care about themselves or others. People already acting like it’s all over...time will tell.

-- Dave Samson: The supervisors are not seeking local control so they can just open it up willy nilly. The local level makes the best decisions on how to do so safely and with minimal risk. Our community knows how to make our community work.

-- Melissa Wheeler: Yes! Please open our businesses! And can someone please remove the concrete blocks and open the gate to Grey’s Beach!? This is my happy place, this is where I go to fish and hike and I think it should be one of the first things opened!

-- TL Churchill: Being 69, heart problems and diabetes, it is a bit too soon for me! The small times I have been out, I was the only one with a mask on or seemed to give a care about the rules. Maybe I want to live longer than others!

-- Francisco Pancho Serrano: Nope. I love my business and going nuts without it, but my health and the health of the people around me is more important.

-- Sherry Hoon: You may think twice if you open and adjoining areas do not. Sure, you’ll have new business but you will have outsiders driving here to shop, and get services. Good luck controlling that.

-- Toni Peri: Too soon! If opened, the public needs to know the demographics of positive cases and the board could visit the positive cases to see if they become infected to keep the rest of us safe! How many people on board have a business to reopen or their family does? One can presently get take out from their favorite restaurant.

-- Michael Buttacavoli: I trust that my community leaders will do what’s best for us. This community is not the run of the mill. If they say we’re ready, we are.

-- Jaek Hartley: How about leaving it up to the individual? Ya know, how America is supposed to be?

-- Keith Navarro: ... Yes, if they don’t want to leave the house they don’t have to.

-- Gail Parrish: Here’s my argument to open up tax revenues. How else will the county pay for the needed services they provide?

-- Donna Waters: No we do not need to open it up yet, and you would think differently as well if you or your loved one contracted this virus and had serious symptoms and then passed. I for one do not wish to drown in my own body fluids. Stay safe at home…

-- Vicky Reveles: Dangerous idea! Wait it out, trust the science! Praise the hospital staff. Imagine if this backfires...we are already down to one hospital. How can so many people complain about wait times and how long it takes to be seen at the local hospital, then want to reopen and risk an overflow of patients. ...

-- Sharae Allison Evans: We would be playing Russian roulette with people’s lives. Are we really wanting to play that game? Just my opinion on this pandemic.

-- Bryan Statter: So let’s say Yuba-Sutter opens up. Now, people from Sac. will come here to go to the movies, out to dinner, etc. just like we do when we are not locked down, we go to Sac. our numbers will go way up.

-- Jessica Harrison: Everyone’s out and about anyway, just open it back up let us get back to normal and get on with our lives!! A lot of us probably already had it anyways!

-- Pamela DeSalles: It’s time to open up. There is far more damage being done to people’s lives by the lockdown than by the virus. One size fits all is no way to run a state.

-- Christine Daugherty: Open up America and the world. If you think you’re in danger because of your immune system or bad health, stay home, wear a mask and gloves.

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