Def Leppard is the opening act of a partnership between Hard Rock and Live Nation’s amphitheater on 40 Mile Road, and celebrating the grand opening of Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento at Fire Mountain.

We asked Facebook friends: “Were you a child of the ‘80s? Do you have fond memories of the British hard rockers? What were your favorite songs? Favorite band members? Why did they resonate then? How about now? Planning on joining in the event Saturday evening?”

The response was outstanding. Here’s just a sampling:

– Tom Gagner: I do have very fond memories of the band. However, they should realize, we the fan base, are older now. This concert should start at 2 p.m., so that we can be in bed at a respectful time.

– Patricia DeSantis: Oh yes, grew up in the ‘80s and my Dad was into all the hard rockers and big hair bands of the 80s. Always loved Let it Go and Lets Get Rocked. Their energy was always part of the appeal. I’m a sucker for drummers. They’re still high on my weekend playlist when I want to kick up the energy and wake up/shake up the household. Haven’t been able to get tickets though.

– Karen M Scovill: I actually had Joe Elliott’s entire outfit way back when. Black leather pants, Union Jack top and tied bandanas all up one leg. Although I’ve outgrown the clothing fad, I’m STILL rockin’ my big ‘80s hair to this day: #PourSomeSugarOnMe  #HardRock

– Kimberly Joia P: Hair bands were the bomb! My favorites were Def Leppard and Bon Jovi. My room was COVERED in posters , I taped the songs off the radio , made MIXED TAPES , made dedications to my friends. Great memories!!!

– Chanel Toy Massy: 1980s Marysville D St Cruise. Red 1965 Ford Mustang fastback. Pyromania playing on the cassette player cranked up as loud as can be till the speakers blew. I had big feather hair with lots of Aquanet hairspray to hold it in place. Friday night looking: for a party (kegger) and as many cute guys as possible. Sutter Union High school class of 1983!!!!! Those are the memories that come flooding into my mind every time I here a Def Leppard song on the stereo. The early ‘80s were the best times to be a teenager. Still playing my vinyl as much as I can. Never thought I would see a day that Def Leppard played in Yuba county. Very cool. ROCK ON!!!!!!!

– Kassie Backman-Hill: I remember sitting on my parents waterbed rocking out to Def Leopard when I was in elementary school!

Staci Olsen Tharp: My cousin who is 9 years older than me used to babysit 5 of us cousins when she was 18 in 1988. I remember her playing “Pour Some Sugar On Me” getting ready, driving us around and during dance parties in the living room. Every single time that song plays I am taken back to a simpler time with my cousins making lifelong memories!!

– Kristi Kimbrell-Pearson: I remember when Pour Some Sugar came out – had no idea what they were really talking about but one of the funniest memories: I was caught by my mom singing this song at the top of my lungs to her screaming what are you singing!!! Lol.

– NancyandJose Torres: Oh let me tell you I love my Def Leppard. So many fond memories. I still listen to my favorite rock band of all time. I even have my kids partying to their music. The ‘80s will forever be the best era. Let’s get this party started, people!!

– Tricia Young Vega: Hard Rock t-shirts were soooo popular in the late 80s/1990 when I graduated high school! Back then we spent every weekend driving in circles on the cruise in Marysville listening to the Def Leppard cassette over and over! Great times.

– Leeanne Watts: This band is amazing ! I hear their songs and it reminds me of being a teen. Free, full of life and no worries. Teen love and heartbreaks. Just all the good stuff. Pour Some Sugar on Me, Love Bites! Awesome songs. Way too many to list. I would love this. I haven’t been to many concerts in my life at all.

– Debbie Marsh: Love love them back in the day!! How cool that they are opening up Hard Rock!!!

– Patricia Hursey: Totally my era. Went through a lot of  Aquanet listening to that bad. Hardrock is my absolute favorite. ...

– Lynne Christy Tolmachoff: Graduated in ‘89, so I grew up on DL!! Photograph was one of their early favorites of mine, and when Hysteria hit the radio, that was my band!! Fun nights running around with friends listening to their music....great memories! I remember how sad I was when I heard about Rick Allen’s accident, but amazed when he came back and rocked their next album!! AMAZING! The band is timeless and their music always gets to me. I’d love to see them Saturday, hopefully things at work will slow down so I can go!!

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