We recently asked our Facebook friends: “1. How important are the 2020 elections to you? 2. What should local candidates be addressing? 3. If you could tell presidential candidates one thing, what would it be?”

– Karen Kochie Cartoscelli: 1. 2020 election is very important to me. 2. Local candidates need to stick to local issues, not just pouring money into an unsolvable problem in the attempt to be politically correct. 3. I’d tell my candidate to not lose heart, we are with him and to keep doing the job we elected him to do, MAGA and DRAIN the swamp.

– Alesia Matdanbry: #1 Election is very important. #2 Local candidates should focus on local issues. California is in trouble with some of its policies and laws. #3 I would tell my candidate to keep doing the great work he is doing in getting elected.

– Paul Guevara: They should focus on making courts more transparent.

– Randy James Sutton: Most politicians were C students at best. When elected to office they become tools to their partisan constituents, which in turn makes them useless. There’s several reasons our political beliefs have turned people against one another. ...The main issues locally, and most of California are homeless, affordable housing, high taxes, high gas and registrations fees, increasing criminal activity with no repercussions. California is now restricting gun and ammunition sales to law abiding citizens. There’s many, many more issues. But with the Democratic party in power for a couple decades now things aren’t improving for the lower income people in this state, which is why more are leaving than arriving. The middle class is becoming somewhat of a memory, especially in California.

– Denise Fowler Roberts: 1: Not, unless they knock off the partisan garbage and actually represent Americans. 2: Health care costs; affordable housing; tax incentives to boost business locally; stripping mega companies of tax breaks they are misusing. 3:Grow up and try acting like adults for a change. Stop making the U.S. look like it’s one giant mud pit.

– Patrick Cahill: 1. Pretty important, another SCOTUS opening probably in the next four years. 2. Homeless, traffic, cultivating business. 3. Stop promising free stuff. It’s NOT FREE. Also stop pandering to illegal aliens.

– Lisa Dawn: Very important our country, our safety our economy our constitution is at stake. Locally we should address the homeless, the drug abuse, the crime and hey how about fixing our roads large potholes down every street, I would tell presidential candidates to leave our constitution alone and secure our borders !

– Lisa A. Johnston: 1. Heck yes it’s important. We need to stand behind our duly elected President and not allow the Democrats to ruin this country anymore than it is. Term limits for Congress and they must abide by the same laws we do. 2. Get rid of these stupid gun laws! Also stop giving illegals college tuition, free healthcare, driver’s license and other benefits. 3. Focus on Americans for once! Let’s get control of illegals with more deportations of those who broke our laws, bring back mental health institutions and fix the homeless issue.

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