After weeks of closed-door hearings, the House of Representatives’ formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump became an open and public procedure last week. The House Intelligence Committee is conducting hearings into whether the president improperly delayed military aid to Ukraine while urging leaders there to investigate the son of political opponent Joe Biden.

We asked Facebook friends, “Have you been listening in to any of the presidential impeachment investigation testimony? Do you find the testimony compelling? Is it affecting your opinion on the matter? Or are you already set in your opinions? And does this sort of thing have any real impact on us, living here in Yuba-Sutter-Colusa counties?”

A sampling of responses:

– Rosie Cross Kirkland: The House is doing its job. It’s in the Constitution. Trump should let everyone testify, if he has nothing to hide. Remember, the rules were set down by the Republicans.

– Juan Martin Palafox: I’m not going to throw it in the face of Republicans when they ditch supporting this corrupt tenant of the White House, I’ll just be glad we can all start putting our country first again. Let’s not forget the reality that regardless of our political beliefs, we all have more things in common with each other than with a billionaire narcissist.

– Jeff Robinson: Juan Martin Palafox: Remember that reality when Bloomberg is running!

– Wayne Meyer: If you really care about this country you would be paying very close attention to the testimony and its relevance to the U.S. Constitution. If you want to blindly support a renegade President and administration then pay no attention to what has been done and continues to happen daily.

– Kathy Palacios: I wish I could be home watching every minute!

– Cherie Crane: This impacts all of America. They’re a stain on American history. History, written correctly will not be kind to this sham.

– Lacie Robertson: Cherie Crane history is rarely written correctly, but let’s hope.

– Aaron Watkins: We got past the stain of Nixon, we can get past the stain of Trump. Keep your chin up!

– Ingrid Nolan: This is ridiculous let the people speak! We love Trump!

– Scott Sharrock: A farce, and a blight on America. The Democratic party is dead at its own hands. Its just too arrogant and stupid to realize it.

– Christine Laing: Sorry but it has not moved the needle. People that believe he is guilty will continue and people that back the president still do. The real truth will come out in the Inspector General’s report.

– Michael Mitchell: There is no sign of intelligence on the Intelligence Committee.

– Donna Fisher: It makes you wonder what else the Republicans are hiding... or are they afraid without Trump they will have to be accountable to their own base ...instead of Trump’s

– Bren Watson: All I see is the swamp fighting against Trump because he exposed their corruption and kick backs. Why can’t they investigate the possibility of corruption? Why is that so bad?

– Aaron Watkins: Yeah, I cant even comprehend the amount of lies from Trump. It’s ridiculous! Glad we agree.

– Lloyd Mcbuff: I’m am happy that we are going through this. It will make for an even bigger Trump landslide next year.

– Melissa Jenkins: Lloyd Mcbuff: He didn’t win in a landslide last time. He didn’t even win the popular vote.


We also asked, last week for Veterans Day, “Do you have family and/or friends serving or who formerly served in any branch of the U.S. military? What are your thoughts, hopes, comments this Veterans Day?”

– Leanne Ridley: My dad was in the Air Force, my grandfathers were in the Army along with my cousin and uncle, my husband and two nephews are former Marines. Much respect to all who have served and continue to serve our great country.

– Lisa Dawn: Yes my dad served in WWII 12th armored division on the front lines, I thank him and all of our veterans past, present and future without them we would no longer have America the land of the free.

– Barbara Babbitt: My husband served in the Air Force until his retirement. Our son served 9 years in the Marines during the first Gulf War he was medically discharged after nine years. In the early 2000s he joined the California Army National Guard where he served until his retirement this year. I have other relatives who have served. Thank you for your service.

– JoAnne Hudson Murdock: My husband flew over 350 bombing missions as a bombardier radar navigator in B-52s during the Vietnam conflict. He also served at NSA and aboard the Airborne Command Post. He retired after 25 years as a Lt. Col. from Beale after serving as DOX. My son served six years in the Navy as a nuclear mechanic on the US Bremerton submarine.

– Trixie LA Sharp: My dad lied about his age so he could go to the end of World War II. And then he fought in the Korean War. Miss you dad. I respect, always had, those that serve our country. My dad was in the Navy, my brother was in the Air Force. Thank you for your service

– Shannon Saucedo-Yancy: Lots of my family! I am so thankful that my father in law, cousins, and Uncles have served and defended our country!

– Lloyd Mcbuff: My friend: Tom Gagner: served with pride in the Peace Corps. We are all very proud of him.

– Rosie Cross Kirkland: My Uncle George Steiner, he survived the Bataan death march. My other Uncle Carl T. Cross, KIA 11-11-44, France. Plus many relatives and friends. I never forget their sacrifice.

– Dee Ann Byrd: John Spartan Nix: my cousin is currently active thanks to him and all others present and past

– Jane Shelton Hyatt Geary: My husband George Geary served 20 years in the Air Force and has nothing but good things to say about his service. He is still a patriot stands tall and proud.

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