This week we asked our Facebook friends their thoughts about businesses reopening this week. Was it the right time or too early?

– Lisa Gilreath: If you shut down we will all go broke and then let’s count the deaths. Stop letting them fear monger.

– Kimberly Contreras: Wear masks and gloves. Wash hands often, no large gatherings. Those at highest risk stay home. We will be fine if we all work together.

– Karina Martinez: Too early, people in this area don’t know what personal space is.


– Kurt Gaston: Karina Martinez – Not practicing social distancing, bringing entire families on a shopping trip to Walmart.


– Maria Torres: Too early, we need to wait. A lot of people on the street without masks.


– April Mathis: the purpose of the order was to keep the virus from overrunning the hospitals. Do you remember the whole ‘flatten the curve’ thing? It was flattened, hospitals were given time to prepare. It was never about killing the virus. We always knew there would be a spike once people came out.


– Charlie Severance: Two months of baseless fear is enough. Does anyone really think that this total shutdown strategy would have been undertaken if it was not a presidential election year?


– Holly Magiera: Charlie Severance – Baseless fears? Tell that to all the people who have died.


– Kristina Candy: I’m sure the over 65,000 U.S. deceased peoples families and friends just in the last six weeks agree it’s baseless.


– Jackie Coffman Pinkwart: You have your choice/freedom to stay locked up in your house. We should have the choice/freedom to leave ours!


– Kim Crow: Too early it’s not about getting your nails done or shopping.


– Dillon Daundivier: Workers need money so let them reopen, we all have families to support.


– Michael Angelo Romero: Good, and if anyone don’t like it, stay home! 


– Sabrina Morse: The mall was empty before lol. 


– Rosie Rubio: Yes outsiders will hear about our town open.


– Cathy Jordan: We are adults and can use safety precautions until the threat is gone. I’m glad businesses are starting to open. 

– Kurt Gaston: Cathy Jordan – Take one look inside Walmart and you know that’s not true.


– Cristina Lopez: Not a good idea. There will be so many people from out of town, and a lot of people being exposed. There are a lot of people with no consideration for other people’s health. I saw people at the protest with their kids/babies. Thank God schools are still closed. Let’s see how this goes for the Yuba-Sutter area. Good luck.


– Stephen Elias: Cristina Lopez – So you believe people will flock to Yuba City for our Sears, JCPenney, furniture store and of course our Cinnabon? Probably not going to happen.


– Nanett Bumanglag Davis: Happy to see the majority don’t want to open on this. I think it’s too soon, that being said I totally understand the people who need to go back to work. I just hope it doesn’t cause us to have to eventually close down again for a longer period of time because of this.


– Heather Ball Houston: Everyone should be given a choice. To open their businesses, to go to work, or to follow the state mandates. Jobs should be protected if employees do not feel it’s safe to work in any of these reopening businesses. Where are children going if businesses are reopening but schools are not?


– Monica Saini: I don’t mind things opening up if people would take precautions. Maybe it should be mandatory to wear a mask in public for everyone. My concern is that people will not take precautions and it will get worse and then again everything will be shut down.

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