We asked our readers if they listened to or read special counsel Robert Mueller’s address Wednesday morning? And regardless of what you think of the special report as it regards the president or others or obstruction of the investigation, what did you think of Mueller’s final quote:

“And I will close by reiterating the central allegation of our indictments: That there were multiple, systematic efforts to interfere in our election, and that allegation deserves the attention of every American.”

Following are parts of the Facebook thread:

– Jillian Reynolds: Leaves open the opportunity to investigate the Democrats. See if they can come out clean like the Trump campaign.

– Tammy Watters-Long: Jillian Reynolds, clean like the Trump campaign? This is loaded with corruption like no other. Do some real research and stop listening to Fox.

– Jeremy Howard: Tammy Watters-Long, Corruption that 2+ years of Special Investigation found nothing on. Or are you confused and think the process crimes and Manafort charge from a decade ago are some how a sign of Trump campaign corruption? You do know Manafort was working with the Podestas at the time of his crimes ... right?


– Daniel Powell: He was about 3 million votes shy of an actual victory in terms of votes cast. Does that make you feel better knowing so many people didn’t vote for him?

– Jackie Craig: Daniel Powell, you say that but now we find out that even those numbers have been greatly infected with voter fraud. We the people deserve a fair voting system that every state follows the rules and regulations set by the federal government on federal elections. ...

– Brandon Vick: Does it make you feel better to know the popular vote was not the goal? If popular vote was the goal, we have no reason to believe he couldn’t of gotten it with a change in strategy. Your Trump derangement syndrome is showing.

– Mark Howard: Daniel Powell, how about the Constitution ... follow it. Electoral college is a foundation of our republic. Or we just become a mob rule like the Slums of California.


– Diana Darling Smith: Then they need to look at the Democrats for interference. Mueller is just allowing Dems to keep this ongoing, if I’m correct they are starting to investigate the Democrats.

– Cheryl Bybee: Why is it that no one is looking into who started this to begin with? If they would have looked into that then they would have went in a different direction.


– Mark Howard: Arnoldo Garcia, lol. You are a victim of fake news.

– Arnoldo Garcia: Mark Howard, you are a victim of Russians.


– Charlie Severance: It was worded to give Democrats just enough to keep their fantasy alive. Notice how there was NO mention of the “dossier” and the illegally obtained warrants that kicked this whole charade off.

– John Cook: His statement leaves plenty of room to investigate the origin of the entire charade and expose the Never Trumpers and how they conspired. ...

– Daniel Powell: He’s guilty of obstruction of justice and he lies continuously because his ignorant supporters believe whatever he says. He’s a madman with no political experience, no empathy for the common person, a failed religious connection (because there is no god) and ultimately I believe he did gang up with the Russians to move the contorted election in his favor. Impeachment is the answer. ...

– Scott Northrup: Very little will happen in regard to addressing election meddling by Russia and others, as long as our President continues to refer to the Mueller investigation as a hoax and a witch hunt.

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