The Appeal asks “What do you think?” questions – check our Facebook page mid-week to participate. Here’s what we heard from readers this past week:

Have you been tuning into the Senate impeachment proceedings? Are you obsessed with listening in? Or are you doing everything you can to avoid it? Do you worry about the country’s business getting done? Or is this worth the interruption?


Gary Baland: It’s like we know the ending, but there is no ending.

Christine Laing: I watched the Clinton impeachment and I will watch the Trump impeachment. I was behind President Clinton at the time and I am still behind President Trump. I watched all the hearings in the House. They do not have the evidence, just hearsay and secondhand opinions.

Christine Laing: Wilma Morgan the Republicans nor the President’s council were allowed witnesses.

Gail Stillwell: Hearsay is hearsay! Not admissible in a regular court of law! Would you want to be on trial with the only evidence being presented as hearsay testimony?

Scott Northrup: Christine Laing, That is actually incorrect. President Trump directed his entire administration to defy any request or subpoena from the House for witnesses and documents. He could have, at any time, provided documents and witnesses, he chose not to.

Aaron Watkins: Republicans: Hearsay! We didn’t hear from people with direct knowledge! Also Republicans: We will not allow people with direct knowledge to show up and testify!

Kari Olson: I just wish our innocent president would let the witnesses testify and release the documents so we can move on from this. Our innocent president could take care of this in a day if he wanted to.

Aaron Watkins: Kari Olson, and yet ... he doesn’t ... hmmm...

Scott Northrup: Kari Olson, if he was “innocent,” he would have done that a long time ago.

Kari Olson: Scott, yes that is what I was sarcastically referring to. I don’t believe he is innocent at all. Considering how much Trump cares about public opinion, we all know that if he could prove he was innocent he would so so in a hot minute.

Scott Northrup: I will be watching the entire trial. Whether you agree with impeachment and removal from office or not, it’s an aspect of government that many have not had a chance to see.

Andrea Lisa: Scott Northrup, so far it has been unconventional.

Scott Northrup: Andrea Lisa, yes it has. McConnell has stated that he is following the rules established in the Clinton impeachment trial, but so far it doesn’t seem like it.

Chad Lizardo: Scott Northrup, must not be following your rules

Scott Northrup: Chad Lizardo, they’re not “my” rules, but the rules that Majority Leader McConnell stated he was going to follow.

Kenny Ines: If President Trump is impeached and removed from the office of president. He can still campaign for president in the 2020 election. He won’t be impressed. #Trump2020

Lisa Dawn: I had to turn it off today it’s so pathetic. Trump is still working, Congress hasn’t worked in years.

Kari Olson: At least 275 bipartisan bills are sitting on McConnell’s desk waiting to be approved. Let me reiterate, bipartisan bills. That is a lot of work by congress and not much from McConnell. Just because congress isn’t blabbing 24/7 on twitter about all of the work they are doing doesn’t mean they aren’t working.

Lisa Dawn: Haha TDS.

Curt Mills: Kari Olson, you poor deluded citizen.

Missie Rosa Brown: Won’t watch it as the Demobrats are full of it. Trump 2020.

Jaek Hartley: Just another excuse to not get business done.

Suzanne Newland: Watching as much of it as my schedule will permit.

Lynette Garton: Waste of time. Trump 2020!

Ralph Miller: It’s a joke. The Democrats think we are stupid.

Dorothy Forbes: I had turn it off. It was so boring.

Gail Parrish: Sick of it!

Maria Gomes Katanic: Avoiding! A waste of time and money!

Krystal Wyatt: Only channel I get so I’ve been watching it.

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