What do you say to someone who wants to get away from California?

We recently asked our Facebook followers: When you hear someone say, “California has gone to heck; we’re moving out of this crazy state first chance we get,” what do you think?

I’ll be right behind you? Don’t let the door hit you? Where are you going to go that’s any better?

Here’s a sampling of the couple hundred responses we recevied:

– Deanna Zimmerman: ... only stupid people make comments like that without checking the verifiable fact that 18 months ago, California grew from being the sixth largest (booming) economy in the world to becoming the fifth largest booming economy in the entire world.

– Margaret Pletschet Fowler: Left in 2003 to Oregon – hated it, so backwards there and they do not like California transplants. Returned in 2009. Where ever you go be cautious to tell folks you are from California – they are not kindly to us folks!

– Tina Evans: I wish them the best but I’m skeptical that things are really any better elsewhere. Cheaper cost of living generally comes with poor job prospects so I tend to think it all evens out. Every state is going to get their money out of you somehow, so some fees will seem much cheaper but you will make it up in other ways.

– Pamela Warmack: Born and raised here, and still love California. It’s diversity, opportunities, craziness, topography and weather. Yes, some issues need addressing, and that’s why we vote, volunteer, get involved, and try to make it better.

– Courtney Bayle: There are some aspects of California I will miss, such as the weather and diverse geography, but I’m looking forward to getting the hell out of here next week for Alaska! The freedoms there are incomparable.

– Laurie Linson Warner: I think “Good luck, you’ll be back!” Nothing beats our dry weather and access to so many nearby micro climates. I’ll stay and fight for my state!

– Michelle Stock: Left California 15 years ago and do not miss it. In the Upper Midwest now. I miss the mountains but there are plenty of lakes. We have four seasons. Yes it’s cold in the winter but we have outdoor activities all year round. We have all the amenities that big cities offer and second to none health care. I have good memories of California from when I was young, but it has changed.

– Janet Pulcifer: I already left California in my heart. Traveled around and found peace and affordability in other states. It’s all a matter of time. My kids are here for now. I will live here part time and on the road part time.

– Gwendolyn Martinez: I say ‘Bye!’ I’m staying here. I am fighting for what I believe in my home state and if you won’t, go right ahead and leave. California is my home. This state has everything you could need. Our state produces so much. I will not let myself or my family be pushed out. There is no greener grass, things have to change all over.

– Tony Silva: I travel across this great country of ours. You don’t realize how bad this state is until you have been out of it, and in the real U.S., for a couple of weeks. Upon returning the first things I notice: The roads are horrible. Litter everywhere. Rest stops along the highway are either closed or they look like something from a third world country. Drug addicts living along the roads. Rude drivers! Fuel prices! These are just the immediate things I notice when driving back into the state.

– Patty Stout Dailey: I think, well we did that 22 years ago and have been so glad every time we hear about the insane California legislature and how they are wrecking California.

– Kathy Sharpe: Fortune 500 business are leaving and some going to Texas. The rate for rent there is $1,200. San Francisco and evening Sacramento rents are 3 times higher. The companies are leaving even to help their employees to live better.

– Rachael Miller: The state government has gone crazy. Overtaxing, underpaying, not protecting us as citizens. I’m sick of the politics of California, not California. We all don’t come from southern California. We northerners are farmers, ranchers, working class and they are killing us and pushing us out. When you live in a state all your life you should be respected/protected more than criminals. It’s a sad state. My children I pray for them daily because with all the new taxing coming I’m afraid they want be able to afford it here.

– Janessa Taber: I love this state. I hate what it’s becoming. Yes, I want to move.

– Devin Koranda: Wish my company would either relocate or expand out of state so I can leave; my amazing employer is the only reason I stay in this joke of a state

– Robina Kazer Wahl: Who cares? Everyone has a reason to move and live in a place that suits them:  It’s not much better or worse anywhere else and it’s all relevant based on your life situation. 

Don’t like it here? Move. Drivers are the worst everywhere!

– Aaron Watkins: Don’t let the door hit you on the way out! I proudly pay what may be higher taxes to live in a state that is doing something to combat climate change, has higher rates of pay, has better weather and isn’t stuck in the old days

– Jen Lawton: It’s unfortunate that so many are leaving California, but it gives many an opportunity to see places that they otherwise wouldn’t have even thought about living had they stayed here. They will learn that every city/town/state has their own set of issues, you’ll just have to pick a favorite.

– David Mariscal: American prosperity has largely been tied to mobility. If you’re struggling or unhappy in one locale then you find a more promising one and work like heck to start a new life and get ahead. It’s in our country’s DNA to seek and follow a more prosperous future.

– Jennifer Appelhof Ramirez: Definitely “Don’t let the door hit you...” Why would someone moan and groan about where they live and continue to stay living there? People complain left and right about taxes in California. If you don’t like it, go where it’s cheaper. If you’re going to do the talk, do the walk. Why stay where you’re not happy – especially if you’re just going to b&$@? about it? The grass isn’t always greener. Plus once a person moves out of California, they usually can never afford to move back.

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