We asked social media friends to tell us what they most love about living in America.

We asked them to avoid partisanship and tell us what they love about living here. “What makes you stop and catch your breath? What gives you goosebumps? What makes you choke up a little? What do you hope is passed down one generation to the next?”

Here is a sampling of comments:

– Sharon Ritter Dollins: The incredible beauty. For patriotism. Proud to be a American although it is sadly becoming a thing others do not embrace.

– Melissa Christine: I love that our country has men and women who will sacrifice their lives for our freedoms and our protection (military, law enforcement, all first responders in general). What makes me stop and catch my breath: the American flag waving and thinking about the generations of heroes who have walked this Earth (I encourage you to watch Medal of Honor on Netflix). What gives me goosebumps: hearing a WWII hero’s accomplishments and feeling so grateful for men like him! What makes me choke up a little: seeing a Vietnam vet get thanked for his service; they deserved so much more than we gave and are giving them now! ...

– Neil Goforth: Freedom to worship and freedom to succeed or fail. Freedom to speak our minds.

– Gail Parrish: Eating a dog and drinking a beer at a Gold Sox game, having some good old-fashioned home town fun makes me proud to live in this wonderful country.

– Warren Mader: My Second Amendment rights.

– Samantha Tinker Jones: My family has been here since the Mayflower. I have a deep sense of pride knowing we were founders.

– Laura Locke: Good souls gave away life so others may live free and be strong also.

– Tillman Bryant: We are free!

– Anita Yost-Ratcliff: I love the beauty driving from coast to coast – you can see so many different things and so many different people. The difference in the land, the weather, the foods and the people seem endless and I love being free to drive from California to Pennsylvania and not have to worry about being stopped because of my religion or because someone doesn’t like the way I look or I don’t belong. ...

– Douglas Fairbanks Foster: Just look around us: we have everything. Who couldn’t love America? I lived overseas and nothing compares to America. We have a freedom that people in other countries would die for and that alone is awesome.

– Curtis House: Being able to worship Jesus Christ daily without the fear of being murdered by others, unlike other countries. God bless the United States of America.

– Jackie Houser Sillman: Our flag honors those who have fought to protect it, and is a reminder of the sacrifice of our nation’s founders and heroes. As the ultimate icon of America’s storied history, the Stars and Stripes represents the very best of this nation. I love the past, present and future of America!

– Tanya Hansen: I was blessed to be born in the greatest country in the world!

– Kathy Wilson Jordan: I was just listening to Johnny Cash’s “Ragged Old Flag.” I too am very proud of what our flag and our people have endured – proud of our armed service members who have fought and died in many wars. I thank those who have sacrificed so that I have the gift of waking up each morning hearing the birds singing out my window – seeing the Sutter Buttes off our sun porch-watching the cattle come and drink from the trough, hearing the chickens clucking around and the dog barking! I am blessed with simple things and a simple life for which I am truly thankful!

– Angie Archer Gates: I always get goose bumps hearing our National Anthem, seeing our beautiful Flag waving in the breeze, seeing a flyover, seeing our citizens gather in strength during bad times and knowing when I get very frustrated with politics, I am free to state so! This is the America I love.

– Tom Gagner: What makes me happy is that I can eat at Carl’s Jr. and then Panda Express in the same day.

– Cathey Sturgell-Gingrich: I am proud to be a patriotic American ... I would not want to live in any other country in the world. America has some of the most beautiful land and people.

– Ashley Thoj: Just being alive and living a life no one can dream of is already good enough.

– Monica Foster: I love this beautiful country and what it stands for. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness! When I came to this country, I couldn’t wait to get my citizenship so I can vote. I love the freedom we enjoy to do and say what we want. I love that we’re a giving people who is constantly helping the need and stepping up to help others in a natural disaster. I love our country because it’s beautiful and lush and full blessings 

– Ingrid Nolan: We live in the best country, because of men and women who fought for our freedom. I love our country, I love our flag!

– Kaylee Gresham: I am just happy we aren’t being forced to adapt to different cultures and learn the language and traditions, and that we are free to live our own lives! Thank you America!

– Neil E. Ray: Proud to honor the Constitution, traditions and customs of the best nation in the world, which many have died protecting our freedoms and one in which many are still dying to get into.

– Laura Locke: Baseball!

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