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This past week, we asked people about what they were doing during the pandemic. Some of us slouch around, some of us keep busy with projects.

We asked, “With a lot less socializing, a lot fewer places to go, a lot fewer things to do outside the home, what have you been doing with your time? Have you done something you wouldn’t have were it not for the pandemic and having nowhere to go?

Responses included:

-- Angel Hafelfinger: Me, my hubby and 2 lil kids are now on a very low sodium diet, gave up fast food and we barely eat sugary foods.We’re getting healthy.

-- Jeannine Friemark: For the first few weeks, when everyone was off work or on reduced hours, I volunteered a lot at the local food bank. Once I went back to the office full-time my life pretty much went back to normal. ...

-- Judy Mann: At first I felt like a hostage in my home, started feeling lonely and depressed and was missing people. I had to act. Given the opportunity to start a small business, others thought timing wasn’t right. I admit it wasn’t easy but the opportunity, the need and the will. I opened the “Info-Center” much needed. I now have a purpose to wake up and do something for others and for myself. I see people one-on-one and talk about Marysville’s History, services, things to see and do in the area, and best part I am sharing my knowledge and experience.

-- Martha Eubanks: I’m essential. Working every day. I didn’t have a choice to stay home.

-- Scott Northrup: We redid our entire backyard and turned it into a family oasis area, complete with a trampoline, playscape, adult lounging area, gated play area for the younger kids, and of course, a hot tub. It has served us well these past months of lockdown, giving all a break from being inside all day

-- Nicole Williams: Went to work. I’m “essential” lol. I did enjoy a shorter commute time though. Still affected my mental health but put my energy into talking with scared coworkers and tried to be a bit kinder to others.

-- Michelle Herman: Walked more, worked on healthier eating, cleaned up the yard, and we created a therapy zone for my son. I also added everyplate (at least for their $40 off promotion!) to our menu to spice things up a bit.

-- Trixie LA Sharp: Put in new grass, new RV pad.


What Do You Think?

Most everyone we’ve talked to received their ballots in the mail ... and at least half of those we talk to say they’ve marked the ballots and are ready to send them in. 

We asked, “Are you making it a point to vote early? Or do you think it’s best to hold off a while and see what develops in the various campaigns? … What’s your perspective on voting by mail and voting early this year?”

-- Pamela Warmack: Still reading all the fine print of the ballot measures.

-- Kathy Jimerson: Took my ballot directly to the elections office last week.

-- Chris Chiltown Chilton: I received mine and a ballot for the lady that used to live where I live.

-- Araceli Rubio: We hand delivered ours to the official ballot drop off box in front of our county’s Election’s Office yesterday.

-- Cynthia Fontayne: We spent time in September reviewing all the candidates and issues (without relying on mailed campaign literature, most of which came too late anyway), and then marked our ballots, and, in my first time out of the house in 2 months, I drove them over to the Yuba County elections office. I was happy to see four cars in the parking lot, in the middle of the afternoon, driving up to the drop box. Kudos to the alert system that let us know by text and email, first that our ballots had been mailed, and then the day after I dropped them off, that they had been accepted and ready to be counted.

-- Aaron Watkins: If you are undecided at this point i don’t know what to tell you.

-- Amy Nore: Mailed my ballot Thursday and received a text from Sutter County Elections Dept on Monday that my ballot has been received.

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