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This past week, we asked: “Did the world just become a scarier place for you? Or is it about the same as ever, just a different problem? Or no problem at all? Or maybe things are better? What’s your assessment of the killing of Iran’s General Qassem Soleimani? What’s next?”

– Lori Dillard-Yaple: We took a horrible person out of play. The world isn’t scary for me because I have faith. On top of that our leader is making the right choices for the safety of our country and the service members backing up our leader are the best trained service members in the mix. I sleep like a baby at night knowing full well what our leader is doing for us.

– Kari Olson: As long as you don’t care whether you wake up or not, you’re fine.

– Kurt Gaston: ... it’s not as simple as “we got the bad guy.” This was an unnecessary act done without congressional authorization that will have consequences. This could lead to many deaths and war.

– Erin Edwards: ... I wouldn’t tell the House anything. They are a sore that keeps spreading. It would have taken 3 months to get approval or disapproval and by then our people would all be dead. This is not your normal politics here.... this is people hating a sitting president and people willing to let people die because of it. I could not stand Obama but I never threatened his life or would have wanted to inflict harm. People have lost their minds.

– Kathy Sharpe: The president did not declare war. He has to have the House and Senate to do that. That is why we have the system of government that we do. I don’t feel any safer than I did because we still have nations out there that want us dead. I remember taking my husband to the airport to be deployed to Vietnam. I cried all the way back home and tried to make my children know that what he was doing would be okay. ... I know my late husband would agree with the plan if he was still alive. Thank God he was fortunate enough to not have any harm come to him. I believe in our military. There are plenty of people to stand up to these threats.

– Lizannismael Torres: I feel angry. The guy was a terrorist, I’m not losing sleep over him. However, we have a loose cannon in the White House. That does not make me feel safe at all. I don’t know how much more people who have been waiting for the wars to end can take. We were seeing progress and with the push of a button we are back where we were 20 years ago.

– Joseph Moye: I understand the reaction of some, that action was needed and that they are justified in the action against Iran. It’s very scary, though. Past presidents understood the fundamentalist reaction and knew that the people would turn to ISIS and global terror will escalate. We will pay dearly for the death of one man.

– Kari Olson: How about he gets our troops out of the Middle East as he promised and there won’t be any Americans there to attack?

– Holly Magiera: For those who read the scriptures you cannot deny that we are moving swiftly into the last days. It’s a very scary time.

– Rosie Cross Kirkland: Make sure you all go sign your kids up for military service.

– Leslie Harrison: plenty enlist voluntarily.

– Kitty Marks: ... no, plenty don’t. Some of the guys have done eight tours and for more than a year each time because it’s them or no one as opposed to one tour of one year for each serviceman in Vietnam. But they had the draft then. Don’t be surprised if it comes back

– Kat Burgin: It’s no different than it was last month or the month before that

– John Carlson: I don’t think the status quo has changed all that much over there. ... We had to draw the line somewhere. They don’t want an unwinnable ground war. We did the right thing. Stability will come slowly but the message had to be sent.

– Aaron Watkins: I would put down $100 on a bet that 50% or more of the people that reply to this had no idea who this guy was two weeks ago. There are lots of “bad men” in this world. How we handle these things is sensitive and lots of American lives are at stake when we screw them up. ... Trump promised to get us out of endless wars. He promised to strike down the Iran nuclear deal and get “a much better deal.” Now we are on a war footing with Iran ...

– Cherie Crane: Put aside your political opinions, and let’s all unite in support of our troops.

– Aaron Watkins: ... I support our troops by fighting to keep them from being put into harms way.

– Steve Westcamp: .. and they train to fight to keep us safe so we can argue about politics and stuff most of us have no clue about but like to sound smart.

– Michael Paustian: Felt it was a very level-headed approach. Glad he took a night to think about what he was going to do and say rather then reacting emotionally. Now let’s just pray Iran behaves, because I guarantee they will not get away with another attack directed at us. Proud to be an American!

– Charish Allgood: No one wants war with Iran, not even Iran themselves want war... but if you wanna get technical, we’ve been at war with Iran for years upon years and that is no exaggeration.

– Mark J Currier: ... exactly, after Carter granted asylum to the Shaw of Iran, they grabbed American hostages.

– Wendy Morgan: I think Iran won. They called Trump’s bluff.

– Lisa Gilreath: We killed the head of their military. They won nothing. He should have been killed ages ago. Evil man

– Terrie Manion Vasquez: ...The Iranian people are celebrating in the streets because this terrorist # 2 man in command of Iran was killed! He was killing his own people that protested the government of Iran!

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