We have been sharing articles and posting questions to the Appeal-Democrat Facebook page to update our readers about coronavirus closures and impacts in the community. We asked about taking care of school-aged kids, fielded comments about business closures and asked how people were coping with the mandatory social distancing measures.  

Here’s a compilation of comments we received this week:

– Kimberly Joia P: We will be abiding by a strict schedule Monday through Friday. I have five kids, I cannot make this a free-for-all for the next five weeks. They will have scheduled school time, scheduled play time etc. this is not like summer break where you can go fun places and do fun things like the library and bowling in the millennium. We are stuck at home. Thankfully I do have a lot of things for my kids to do and they will be able to stay busy.

– Kathryn Sanderson: Scheduling is key.

– Kim Hough: It’s madness. Unfortunately I’m working from home and balancing parenting and working. My daughter is almost 11 and more independent, so I really feel for those trying to work from home and entertain little ones!!

– Kim Hough: My special concern is that my daughter already struggles with school and this is going to be very difficult.

– Ashley Thoj: My children will still be able to do educational things, thanks to the considerate staff. I appreciate them thinking of the kids during this time of crisis. There are packets of work for the kids to do and one of my children can do things from their Google classroom. I have canceled all appointments because I do not want to take a risk. I hope everyone stays safe and healthy during this time of crisis.

– Tenille Ritzman: Covillaud Elementary, being the fantastic school it is, gave out a month of class work for each grade level, which can be done on a computer or they handed out hard copies. My daughter is staying on track so she can go on to junior high in August.

– StevenTeri Olsgard: All school districts in Marysville, Yuba City and Live Oak will be serving breakfast and lunch ages 18 and under. Times vary. I know Live Oak is from 9-11 a.m.

– Kylene Lombard: Kids are bored already. Summer off is one thing because of vacation time with parents etc. But for working parents, how do you balance to help keep them sane?

– Kaylene Renee Rector-baysinger: They have to do their assignments on Google and packets from the school. Not looking forward to this.

– Melissa Jenkins: I hope everyone takes this seriously. We have to flatten the epidemic curve in order to save the lives of vulnerable friends and family members. It feels hard and unfair right now, but it’s better to take too many precautions than not enough.

– Jared Karcher: My wife and I have been doing a lot of cleaning and reorganizing we normally wouldn’t have time for. I guess that’s a positive. I’m something of an introvert by nature, so limiting my exposure to people is pretty par for the course.

– David Goodman: If you are going to get it, you are going to catch it at the supermarket and shopping for food is a necessity today. The rest is just nonsense, and a way to crash the economy so those with real wealth can buy low. Can’t beat inflation with a stable stock market.

– Jill Ann Griffen Hoffman: We definitely have a learning curve. Daily Updates can seem overwhelming, new information to take in, and adjusting to our new normal. Please show patience and kindness for others, as we all adjust.

– Barbara Mejia: Looking forward to cooking more. Doing major spring cleaning. Organizing and getting rid of things I don’t need, and catching up on much needed paperwork. It’s hard to do the above during the week when you work full time, and the weekends always fly by!

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