Folks in Marysville are putting together what seems likely to be a great presentation on why the downtown should win a makeover from HGTV. We asked our Facebook friends, what’s your opinion on how a million-dollar gift should be spent in your community? 

Here are some responses:

Amy McFarland: Refurbish and reopen the State Theater. And the building across the street into apartments, maybe a few businesses on the bottom floor.

Jeffrey Andrus: That would be nice. Sadly a milion dollars is not enough and would be nothing more than a down payment for a project that big.

Colleen Warman Meyer: And no one would ever be able to agree on how to refurbish, so it would all be tied up in red tape until the money was gone.

– Jeffrey Andrus: ... Use that money to bring in business. Sign this contract to come to Marysville and we will give you 100k to remodel the building of your choice and say no city taxes for you for the first 3 years of business operations. Antique shops are nice but don’t create many jobs. ...

Amy McFarland: Jeffrey Andrus, true on the hotel. But I still say bring back the movie theater. I miss that place.

Jeffrey Andrus: ... I think once the tax base for the city is better we (the city) should be able to afford a remodel on the State theater. Lots of community involvement and donations will be required as well. But as it is now with the parking problem that theater is useless. ...

Lacie Robertson: ...I wish a million would do that but probably it would take closer to five. It sure is a nice idea though.

Sandra Eden: ... they do bring people wanting to eat, buy gas, etc. Parking is a HUGE issue dominated by one biz that brings on no sales tax ...

Shayna Dickinson Dantzler: ...Our illustrious state politicians will find some way to pocket that money.

Tania Ramirez: In Brownsville, a high school would be nice so the kids wouldn’t have to be bussed to and from Marysville every day.

Amber Hughes: We mountain families have been hoping, wanting, and praying for a high school up here for decades and it would take millions and an act of God to get one up here, it seems.

– Mary Elizabeth Pasillas: I live in Olivehurst. I would love to see the little elementary school, Ella Elementary, renovated. It looks so old and could really use some brightening up. I just drive by everyday.

– Glynda Millner Phillips: Fix up our beautiful hotel. I remember when my Aunt lived in one of the rooms there in the 70’s My mom tells us all about how nice it was when she was a child. It’s just sad to see the Theater and the Hotel sitting and rotting. My grandmother worked at a cafe around that area and would give my mom money to see a movie while she was working.

Anita Yost-Ratcliff: Marysville I would do something with the hotel and some of the other buildings across the street that are empty and I imagine they are because they are unsafe to use.

Jessica Lee Davis: A million dollars is no where near enough to even touch the Marysville Hotel, if that’s even a possibility. I say make Ellis Lake and Riverfront Park clean, safe, accessible, usable for families.

Holly Magiera: Schools, animal shelters, homeless shelters, mental health clinics. The money should go to our community’s most vulnerable members.

Janet Wooten: Create and revive D street for day and night life. Bring back some anchor stores to draw business flow.

– Lisa Current: A  safe place to spend time with family and pets. A walking/bike path. Park with picnic benches. Clean up Ellis lake.

Devin Koranda: Restore the hotel, theater and lake for starters and watch the people flock back, I live in the area and I’d pay to stay in the old hotel if they restored it like it used to be in it’s prime!

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