We asked our Facebook friends about staying home. “What’s been the hardest thing for you to deal with? What’s been a silver lining?”

Here’s a selection of comments:

– Saninder Sohal-Kandhali: Hardest thing: Trying to find someone to watch my little ones since I work in the medical field. Also homeschooling since my first grader won’t take me seriously about being his teacher. Overall, I am blessed my mom’s been helping me with my boys. Praying for the world.

– Liz Menendez: My husband and I are both working over 12 hours a day and having to find time to try to find supplies and also homeschool, I have four kids at home. It’s been extremely overwhelming but I count my blessings. We have food, health, jobs and shelter. Everyone who can do something to help is doing it and it’s bringing out the best in people.

– Scott Sharrock: For me uncertainty is the worst thing, as no one knows how long and to what extent this virus will ensue. I have adopted a hyper sanitation routine for all travels outside our home. Gloves, wipes, and a disinfectant spray bottle accompany me, and I use them on everything. ATM keypads, gas pumps, door handles, and even the pack of cigarettes the clerk hands me. Just treat everything you touch outside as if you knew the virus was on it.

– Jill Ann Griffen Hoffman: So far doing well. Husband is working from home, so less stress concerning his safety. The hard part is not meeting with my knitting sisters! Not only do we knit, we solve all of the world’s problems, as well as supporting each other. We’re a close “knit” group.

– Als Sheldon: … Try using Zoom Cloud. I have read a number of people are doing “virtual cooking dinners” as well as “virtual book clubs.” It’s not the same, but at least you can connect and still “solve problems of the world.”

– Debi Brumfield: With only 15 cases and the population we have in our surrounding area, I say we are doing a great job because the percent is very low.

– Shayna Dickinson Dantzler: … For now...it will get worse before it gets better.

– Huddy Sonshine: Some of y’all need to get out and enjoy the fresh air and sun just keep your safe distance at all times!

– Patty James: Anxiety from having to stay home. The silver lining is if we all stay home this will hopefully go away soon.

– Karen Wood Fuller: Silver lining is the gift of my husband working from home.

– Diane Funston: My creativity is surging and I’m using Zoom for classes.

– Virgil Haddox: This is a cakewalk, it’s just staying home and being with family.

– Debbie Flood Nix: We take a chance no matter what we do.

– Patty Edwards Berry: Working on a garden…

– StevenTeri Olsgard: Boredom. Not a TV watcher during the day.

– Dorothy Forbes: People not staying home.

– Ashley Thoj: Hardest thing is trying to work and be a teacher at the same time. It is the hardest thing to do. Since the COVID-19 stay-at-home directive, I’ve been working six days a week. Keeping my kids focused on their schoolwork is a challenge. I’m more afraid of being exposed because of the environment I work in.

– Lenna Mullins: Silver lining is being with my daughter in law and son while isolating. Only complaint is the concern we all hold for everyone in harm’s way.

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