The social distancing directive has turned into an order from the Bi-County Health Officer. We asked our Facebook friends, how do you feel about the order and things in general? Are you missing get-togethers? 

Here are some responses:

– Jeannie Southard: Gloves are not protective. You touch a surface with the glove, now the glove is contaminated. I agree with masks. I guess a single parent has to take her kids? I don’t know as I haven’t been anywhere in 3 weeks.

– Jill Ann Griffen Hoffman: We’re both doing well. One is working remotely from home, and I have plenty to keep me busy, sewing, hobbies, book club, and knitting. FaceTime and Skype keeps us connected just fine. When the shelter in place happened, we treated it as an order, knowing it would happen. Those who refuse to comply bring not only great concern for the health of our community, but also anger at their complete stupidity, selfishness and lack of intelligence. My question is, what are the consequences?

– Maria Batla: ...You’re assuming 1. That complying is going to “work.” 2. What “work” actually means. 3. That there are no other consequences to sheltering, especially with no plan for how long.

– Christine Daugherty: I don’t think people realize that this virus will never go away just like we have the flu virus, it’s going to stay around, there has to be a new normal. People need to build up their immune system so they’re bodies can fight against it. And if you’re sick stay home and stay away from those people that have health issues.

– Aaron Watkins: ...Yes, but if we build it over time, it does not overwhelm our medical system like it is doing in hot spots around the country. That’s the whole point of flattening the curve.

– Gray Jennifer: I trust science. So yes, I trust Dr. Luu. She is the only well-educated person we have on this that I’ve seen (I’d love to be corrected on that one). I’m hoping we at least have a virologist on payroll by now. Lots of politicians, not many scientists around here and our politicians, most of them don’t have the most well-educated backgrounds. Politicians are willing to let people die if they can make more money. Scientists, well they don’t share that motivation.

– Southwind Double Doodles: ... I’ve never thought of a high education as a qualification for politicians; I’m looking for character, honesty and somebody with well-rounded experience in life.

– Gray Jennifer: ... Sadly, I’m not seeing “well rounded’ or ethical either...anywhere. This sort of situation is exactly why I will only vote for the well educated from here on out. I won’t vote for stupid again, its killing people.

– Southwind Double Doodles: It’s called saving lives. What else is there to say? Time to be an adult.

– Rosie Cross Kirkland: I think it’s wishful thinking. Unfortunately the southern states will surge. It’s going to be a lot longer.

– Jessica Harrison: My feeling is if they keep this order up too long people will go crazy and the crime rate will increase. There’s already robberies happening.

– Teresa Navarro: The younger people need to stay home. They go out without it being necessary.

– Diane Funston: We are doing as told and have been. Plenty to do at home and hike in remote areas with social distance. Order is in place because people are still gathering and doing crazy things. Problem is, now that it’s an order it needs to be enforced and fine or whatever the people breaking it.

– Mat Comer: Sure wish I could be at home with my family instead of worrying about taking it home to them!

– Craig Bommarito: Restricting outdoor activities is the only portion of the order I disagree with.

– Davina Corbin: I feel everything needs to shut down because people are still out running around.

– JoAnne Hudson Murdock: When I think I am smarter than the doctors I will follow my own guidelines. That will be never. I know my limits: Stay home, wash your hands.

– Carissa Nichole Bonham: I thought the peak was in April? I read just last night that the next 2 weeks were supposed to be the worst.

– Jackie S. Moon: I think someone needs to post how and who is going to police this. What the penalty or punishment will be, so people understand what the consequences of their actions can bring them.

– Kimberly Contreras:   We don’t live in a totalitarian society under a dictator. We do not have martial law. 98% of those who get the virus recover. There should be no penalty, no fines and no arrests. People have voluntarily stopped working and their own livelihoods being destroyed and separated from family for the safety of others, which I find incredibly selfless. But there is a limit to compassion, self preservation will take over. People must work and families must reunite.

– Jacqueline S McNabb: We have 173,304 people who live in the Yuba Sutter area, and 32 infected but notice there is no “recovered.” I know of one person that had it, has been taken off quarantine and is recovered. So why aren’t they posting that? It would help relieve a lot of anxiety.

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