We recently asked Facebook friends: “What do you think needs fixing around here? Whatever comes to mind is fine, but we’re most interested at this point in infrastructure. Are there certain streets that need fixing? A bridge? A park? A public facility or empty buildings? River access, recreation facilities?”

Here’s a (lightly edited) selection of the many, many responses:

– Julie Martin Coulson: Ellis Lake is such a beautiful asset to our town. I do not understand why we don’t utilize it more. They are a lot of high schoolers that need community hours. Have a clean up day once a month

– Sarah Del Buono: There are quite a few older streets that have zero sidewalks, which leads to ppl walking IN the street, which I’ve seen. But we must also remember with such a suggestion, comes eminent domain in many of these areas....

– Andrew Robertson: Bike trails , long term investment for a family friendly healthy town, look at Folsom and Davis then look into massive goal 10 year plan with minimum 50 miles of bike friendly and safe trails.

– Wendy Wilson: As schools grow (ie: portable classrooms along with the staff to support additional students) the school needs to handle/provide off-street parking for employees. A business isn’t allowed to dump their parking issues into neighborhoods so why can a school?

– Kayla Bandurske: My biggest complaint is probably the complete neglect of some schools over others. Linda elementary for example has not had a new project since they created a dismal example of a parking lot. And yet less than a mile away Edgewater has every amenity plus. It’s disgraceful and downright racist because we have the highest minority school in the district. ...I walked by Edgewater just today and they’re already building new classrooms. When Linda can’t even get another building to store their janitorial equipment. ...

– Heather Galloway: That motel right at the bottom of E Dt. bridge, the old hotel, the theater, the peach tree mall, the old golf course out on 99, every park in Marysville, tons of empty car lots in Marysville, the Yuba City mall needs a makeover, the old holiday market in Olivehurst, the old drive in (please!!!) and I think that about sums it up.

– David Goodman: 1. Theft; 2. Get the homeless out of the river bottoms and open it up to motorized vehicles again. This area was full of recreational opportunities 40 years ago and why it was a good place to live, all gone now.

– Janet Cufaude Johnson: Hwy 99 at Franklin and Hwy 99 at Bridge. The Hwy at both locations needs some grinding diggout and replacement. The Marysville Hotel, what an eyesore. Yes it’s considered historic but seriously it needs to be GONE.

– Jason Ramos: Improved code enforcement throughout the Yuba-Sutter area. Specifically the illegally parked/abandoned vehicles, garbage filled yards/lots, empty buildings/houses with squatters. 

Weed, lawn, and shrub upkeep along public streets and at public parks. More street sweepers.

– JoAnne Hudson Murdock: Do something with Fremont Hospital. I realize it is privately owned but they should be encouraged to put it to good use. Help employment, improvement economy in that local area. What is the latest?

– Wayne Brazelton: ... Get the tweekers, and the quality of life will improve drastically! There is so much crime in our area, and it just seems that it is ignored ...

– Lori Fuller: 5th Street needs work if they’re anticipating 90k cars crossing that bridge once it’s completed. In addition, filling potholes in residential areas has long been necessary, especially with the rainy season coming to degrade them even further. All of: the parks in Marysville are in desperate need of some TLC. Ellis Lake and its small parkland is an obvious one, as is Riverfront Park – both are really in poor states. But slightly more consistent maintenance at the other parks would help, too. 

And someone needs to fund some security cameras or better fencing for the Marysville Community Garden so that it stops getting broken into!

– Monica Gonzalez-Tejeda: Something recreational and family friendly around the river bottoms. This will get rid of the riffraff localizing in the areas closest to residential areas. Charge to keep area clean and patrolled. We need to cleanup all along the river.

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