We ask our Facebook friends for their opinions on a variety of issues every week. This week, we focused on California being the first state in the nation to pass a law requiring presidential primary candidates to release their tax returns. If they don’t, the new law says, their names won’t be on the ballot.

President Donald Trump and attorneys filed a lawsuit claiming the state is overstepping its boundaries.

We asked: “What do you think of the law. Does it make sense? Or is it just a way to goad the president as the 2020 elections approach? Is it right to expect candidates to share their tax returns; or is it nobody’s business?”

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Michele Ambrecht: Our tax information should be private. It is our private information. The only business to see it should be the IRS.

Kyle Blanchard: Which is part of the government.... therefore we should have to show if asked by our state.

Diane Rossman Accito: No one should see our taxes, and we should be able to trust the IRS that they are not showing them to anyone.

Jacob Cairnes: He is a public figure though and he works for us.

Tom Brehm: Jacob Cairnes so do police officers, firemen, and many other people?

Terry Comer: We should show our last year’s tax returns to get a ballot. It’ll cut down on the voting by the dead, the illegals and the dead illegals.

Marie Doll: Michele Ambrecht our taxes are not that private. Plenty of jobs will look at your credit history and taxes. If you apply for assistance, they want to see your returns. Family court asked my boyfriend for a copy of his. It’s just how it goes

Jon Riebli: Until it comes to the presidency. You, I don’t care about as you’re hardly a threat on Facebook but anyone with the breadth of wealth as Trump should furnish his returns so we know who his policies benefit first.

Benny Jones: The president’s decisions have a major effect on how money is made in this country and the people need to know that presidential decisions aren’t being made to personally enrich themselves. I think that’s why every president puts their assets into a blind trust and they offer their tax returns to public scrutiny. ...

Jon Riebli: Terry Comer: That would be considered a “poll tax”...unconstitutional.

Terry Comer: Jon Riebli: So is changing constitutional requirements to run for President. Look, I don’t think it’s a bad idea if it was made into a federal law and included congressional and state legislatures. The timing of this shows us it is specifically aimed at Trump and even the people that don’t support that clown are tired of the wasted time and resources. ...

Lesley Holland: Let’s get tax returns on Gavin and Nancy and everyone. What’s good for top level should be good all the way down to your local mayor.

Paulene Dixon: He has shared his tax returns.

Michael Buttacavoli: I don’t know if you will really read this but it’s my opinion. I think it’s ridiculous that this state’s elected officials would silence so many of its people to goad the president that they openly hate. Once again I feel like my state doesn’t care what its constituents or at least part of them care about while using the system put in place for all of us to have a say. I work and pay taxes and so do my wife and children. I hate to be a basher but this state doesn’t seem to care about the regular middle class people who are just wanting to get by. ...

Casey Otero: Not like a Republican would ever win any electoral votes from this liberal state, either way. Guess it couldn’t hurt. Hope the state requires all gifts and donations be non-exempt, while they’re at it.

– Samantha Watson: All I can say is California loses their residents by the day and it’s all because of your new wild and weird wacky ways. You need to go back to caring for the citizens of this state!

Alesia Matdanbry: It is a ridiculous jab at only our President. We elected him gladly, not knowing anything about his taxes, and we can do it again. Gavin Newsom is not fighting for California, only his desire to fight our President.

Ellen Welch: Yes. Let’s get tax returns on everyone. Voters need more than rhetoric for informed decisions.

Melissa Gaiser Jasso: California has become the laughing stock of America, and has replaced the word “hate” for progress.

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