The Appeal asks “What do you think?” questions – check our Facebook page mid-week to participate. Here’s what we heard from readers this past week:

“We’re interested in what people from different parts of Yuba-Sutter-Colusa view as important public safety concerns for their neighborhoods?” Here are some responses:

Kayla Bandurske: Community Pride. I know it doesn’t sound like a public safety concern, but it certainly is the heart of it. People don’t like to speed/litter in communities that they care about. Thieves don’t like to steal from people they know. Kids won’t vandalize a wall that is already painted. And most violent crime can be prevented through better communication, and learning how to have hard conversations without letting your emotions get the best of you. All things that you learn from mentors that care about you. These are all things that could be addressed by just saying “hello” to your neighbors, and volunteering in your community. You have more power than you realize.

Jeffrey Andrus: Old problem not terribly important, however, city of Marysville has some terrible sidewalks. They just redid all the main ones, which is nice. However those where not the ones in the most need of repair.

Brandon McReynolds: Dangerous staffing levels for the Fire Department in Sutter County! Only one firefighter on duty in Sutter and Oswald Tudor! All these wrecks on highway 99 south of Barry road– the first fire engine on scene is only staffed with one person and often times these wrecks are multiple injuries.

– Shannon Sullivan-Brown: complete absence of any meaningful animal control services in this county.

Kimberlynn Godat Fincher: Not ever seeing police officers pull people over for speeding and reckless  driving anymore. You hardly ever even see a police/sheriff car patrolling. 

StevenTeri Olsgard: Our street in E Marysville is pretty quiet. No theft;t no wild parties. But the only thing is the cats. They all want to poop and pee in my yard. Any ideas how to detour them without trapping them?

Kathy Ines B: People are always speeding across Live Oak and continue speeding all the way down to Forbes, I’ve lost 3 cars because of stupid people and none of them had insurance.

Plumas Lake HOA: As a long time residents of Plumas Lake. How about people who still have their Christmas lights up? Don’t even get me started on people with Halloween decorations out. Trash cans left outside on the street days after trash is picked up. Gosh, the list can go on forever.

Jeffrey Andrus: True First World problems!


Allison Manley: We live about 10 miles south of town and I worry constantly about driving on 99. I take very out of the way routes through the orchards whenever possible.

Raúl Calderón: Water accumulation during rainy season on Harding Rd between Franklin and Cherry is always a problem. Accident waiting to happen.

Scott Jean: Sutter County only has one fireman on two of the three engine, and only 4 total protecting the entire county.

Tamara Jasper: Our city only has 3 firemen that do ambulance, fire and wildfires, and we regularly send crews to Cali for forest fires.

Becky Foster: Theft and violent crimes.

Melissa Murphy: Live on Youngs Lane and they speed down the road.

Dan Finlon: I wish we had a solution to the homeless problem. Do we have any solutions? Ideas how to fix it?

Ashten Phillips: Street lights (lack there of).

Wendy Lou: Speed racing down Garden Highway is an issue.

Shanika Iris Rose: Lack of animal control officers and response is an issue in many cities. There should always be an on call/after hours officer. It’s crazy that there is only 1 or 2 most of the time during business hours.

Christy Anderson: Just transients and their trash. Please just pick up after yourself.

Starla Montgomery: Speeding, violent crimes, gun violence, gangs, loose dogs, domestic violence, garbage– junk dumped,stolen cars left.

Lori Duke Woodel: Homeless people and the trash, camping, filth, scary mentally ill. Don’t let us become Chico.


“In the midst of impeachment talk, the killing of an Iranian military leader, the shooting down of a passenger jet by Iran, massive protests first against the U.S. then against Iran, while Democrats were wading through preliminaries, and we’re dealing with trade confrontations and trying to solve homelessness ...Along come the royal grandson and wife with big news: Prince Harry and wife, Meghan, announce they want off the public dole. What do you make of that?

Sheryl Virginia Kuhn: I’m sure we all have more to worry about then Harry and Megan. Just leave them alone already.

Lacie Robertson: There is probably more actual “news” than we the lowly people ever get to hear about, so many things that are important and some that are not really important at all, we get to discuss whatever the news stations are talking about those days

Anna Hill: Good for them, go live your life.

Sharon Witz Schultz: I’m glad my family problems aren’t splattered all over the news.

Christina Hayes: Life. Pure and simple. Actually don’t really think much about it.

Brian Chester: Good for them... the whole royalty thing is a joke itself... it’s 2020 King’s & Queens are no more.

Pamela Jeffers: They have a baby now. Priorities. LOL.

Suzy Cue: Let them live their lives? Who are we to act like we know everything.

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