On Wednesday, the Appeal-Democrat published a commentary from Gov. Gavin Newsom about a proposal for voluntary agreements between environmental conservation groups, water agencies and government, which would increase the required amount of water flowing through rivers and the Delta. The proposal would also restore fish habitats.

We asked our Facebook friends: What do you think of this proposal? Should agencies work together in a voluntary agreement?

Here are some comments:

Christine Laing: Just another way to steal water from the north state and divert it south. They need this for the delta tunnel Governor Newsom has reactivated.

Lisa Gilreath: If Gavin Newsom is for it you can bet it’s screwing the North.

Gwendolyn Martinez: It would be nice if it would deal with contaminated ground water all over the state there is toxic pesticide residue in ground water called tri chloro propane and this is what people get from wells.

Shannon Sullivan-Brown: I think Gavin’s ineptitude is mind blowing and he should be recalled/ removed.

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