We asked our Facebook friends, at Christmas time, “What, in the past year, has inspired you or impressed you? What’s the one or two things you would encourage the rest of us to think about?”

Plumas Lake HOA: I would encourage my neighbors to accept the Plumas Lake HOA. We are here trying to make our community better for all.

Kenny Ines: Plumas Lake HOA, I don’t live in Plumas Lake. But if I did and it became HOA, I’d MOVE!

Brittney McOmber: Kenny Ines: ya, I think it’s a spam account. There’s no way 3/4 of the people in PL would want an HOA!

Teri Stout-Ives: Honestly, it was the worst year for me. Too much personal heartbreak and devastation. I can’t wait for it to be over. So much pain. No matter what, try your best to push through your dark moments. Speak up and keep going –something good will happen. Happiness is out there.

Talia Baxter: It inspired me to be a part of the Magic Theatre production at The Acting Company this past month called “Season of Giving, Too,” with the goal of raising donations for The A-T Children’s Project. Script by Betsy Johnson and original music by Jim Achilles. (I played Principal Sneedly!)

The A-T Children’s Project is focused on Ataxia-Telangiectasia (or “A-T”). A-T is an orphan disease, meaning it is passed by for funding from governmental and pharmaceutical sources due to impacting less than 200,000 worldwide (about 500 of whom are in the U.S.). It is a debilitating disease that severely limits the life-span of the individual, and the average person with A-T will not live to see their late 20s. (The writer of our music, Jim, has a daughter with A-T.)

The production ended up raising over $6,000 when taking into consideration in-person donations, but the “Season of Giving” is far from over, and every little bit helps! Please spread the word.

Michael Buttacavoli: I’m inspired by people doing good things. You better be good, for goodness sake! Merry Christmas everyone!

Sharon Witz Schultz: Christmas is a time to remember that the Creator God of heaven humbled himself to come to this earth as a baby so that he could rescue us from ourselves, our sin and the wicked one by his death on the cross.

Kari Olson: I would encourage people to start thinking “There but for the grace of God go I” when they see the homeless and think about how they would like to be treated or spoken about if they were so unfortunate.

Richard Poma: And a merry Christmas to you, one and all.

Cecelia Horton: Always a little sad this time of year, my husband passed 2 years ago, just remembering all he did.

Liz Dunston Allen: “You’re no better than anyone else, and no one else is better than you!”

Teonie Painter: Teach your children humanity.

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