As election time nears, there will be talk about what needs fixing. So we’re asking: How are local streets, roads and highways, in your assessment? What about other city, county or local government infrastructure?

– Jeff Robinson: The local highways need to all be upgraded and expanded to accommodate growth and future development!

– Kim Hough: Speed bumps around the corner of Winship and Railroad. A light at Walton and Cherry.

– Will Padgett: Pave the roads and need lighting on Hammonton-Smartsville road.

– Scott Northrup: Bridge Street and Garden Highway in Yuba City need some serious work done.

– David Chung: Need sidewalks and street lights on Blevin Rd between Queens and Butte House Rd.

– StevenTeri Olsgard: All of Marysville needs road repairs.

– Antonio Porras: Stop lights on McGowan Ave. by off ramps of hwy 70.

– Charles Nott: Honest politicians who really care about their city/county. Hopefully some fresh faces will run locally in the next election.

– Jesse Stovall: Repave 5th and 1st Street for the love of God.

– Gail Parrish: Repair the streets in Marysville.

– Joe Ehrlich: Hwy 65 needs a bypass around Wheatland.

– Chris Haile: Bypass around Marysville. Something will have to be done to counter the mess that CalTrans is placing in our lap with the expansion of Hey 70 north of town.

–Jon Rouse: This is all for Yuba City: The city needs to lower the ridiculous barriers to build high density family living spaces (apartment complexes). The charge for public utility hook ups is very high for the area. The land zoning to make it more affordable for builders needs to be changed as it was addressed recently about Harter parkway.

There needs to be a plan in place to motivate land owners to either sell or build on the land they have. These giant empty plots with outrageous price tags need to be addressed as they are eye sores to the community. For example the land across the street from Winco....

Getting rid of the assistant city manager was a mistake in my opinion, because he helped bring many businesses here. I’m interested to see what the new city manager that the city council brought in will do.

Some of the newly elected City Council members promised to bring in manufacturing jobs. One year in and we haven’t seen much....

We need someone with vision and can find ways to bring revenue into the city in order to fix the poorly maintained roads in the area. The gas tax portion we receive will not be enough and shows it is not enough...

– Wendy Morgan: Jon Rouse: Water shortage is why they don’t build everywhere.

– Jon Rouse: So that’s why they keeping building down stream? I have a hard time believing that.

– David Chung: Tharp Road between Butte Road and Hwy 20.

– Lisa Dawn: Road repairs, where is all our tax money going?

– David Page: The ugly old, old hotel on 5th and E st. Should-could be bulldozed.

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