We opened an online survey last week to update a July survey we did: Life During a Pandemic. The second one is available through Monday morning at: www.surveymonkey.com/r/PandemicPart2. 

The number of respondents is nearing 200 and they’ve had plenty of opinions. 

We asked: How concerned are you about the virus? Some of the replies:

-- There is so much we don’t know about the lasting effects of this disease.

-- Yes there is a virus, but don’t believe the hype surrounding it. 

-- Local officials don’t seem to be taking this seriously.

-- Not anymore than I am about other illnesses.

-- My concern is based on the economic impact to the community not the illness.

We also asked about testing:

-- It’s a no-brainer. Safety for myself and others.

-- Don’t plan on getting tested. Too many false negatives/positives.

-- As a healthcare worker I have routinely been tested after each known exposure. I have been tested more than a dozen times at this point and know COVID testing is nothing to fear. In fact, widely available COVID testing is a key tenet in a return to normalcy. Despite many community member’s belief to the contrary, false positives are not a significant problem with any widely used COVID test. In fact, a false negative is far more likely.

-- There is no magic pill for covid. Just like any other flu, you treat the symptoms. If you get worse, you go to the hospital, and they treat the symptoms. The only reason to be tested is for the number counters. Testing is not a solution to be cured.


We asked our Facebook friends for comments on the old and new year:

-- Scott Northrup: 2021 will definitely be worse, in the respect that the consequences of some of these policies (stopping evictions and foreclosures are two of the main ones) will be realized. Legislators should have thought that one through a bit better. It’s going to create a housing crisis worse than we saw in 2008/2009. Also, we’re going to see more and more of our small businesses close permanently, as the PPP funds, specifically designed to help them, get gobbled up by large companies and corporations. 2020 was the year of the virus. 2021 will be the year of economic disparity.

--Phyllis Kinnison: For the next 6 months I see no change.

-- Glynis Buschmann: Be brave, have hope, remain optimistic, cherish the good times, learn from the bad times, continue to practice acts of kindness.

-- Zenny Gray: Gone:socio economical depressing ghost mall torn down and the area is improved. Some sort of library in Olivehurst...like a box of books on wheels would be nice at this point.

-- Toni Bryant: This year has left me feeling sad for the human race. Instead of working together, we’ve been split in many directions. I’m hoping that the new year will bring people together. Watch out for one another and not be so self indulgent. I know, I know.. probably not. But I still have hope. Goodbye 2020..a year that I wish we could all forget.

-- Wes Porter: As we try to rebuild from a year that seemed full of trials, I am going to focus on the small and simple things that contribute to greater things over time… So thankful for all I have despite the circumstances of the 2020 year.

-- Diane Funston: A year of creative thinking, acting, and doing!

-- Jessica Devore-Silsby: Hit the road Jack, and don’tchya come back no more no more no more no more!

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