You hear people making some major assumptions about the leanings of the local population. 

It’s taken for granted that the Yuba-Sutter area is overwhelmingly conservative. You’d think opinion polls would be very lopsided. It’s more like just a little lopsided. 

The Appeal posted an informal online survey a couple weeks ago to gauge how readers are thinking on some of the major issues of the day. We reported how the results went Thursday on the topics of: dividing California into three states (57 percent opposed); immigration issues (55 percent say we need to be more aggressive); negotiating with North Korea (60 percent are skeptical).

Here’s how the opinions stood on other issues:

Dealing with Russia

We asked, “How do you feel about Russia?” and 24 percent said “we should continue investigating and take action where needed”; and 23 percent said we should be more aggressive in investigating and prosecuting. Another 30 percent chose, “We should drop it and get on with life”; and 16 percent said we should worry less about it.

Comments included:

• Red Dawn.

• Interference in our electoral process by another country should be exposed and prohibited.

• I’m sure they did TRY to do something, but like President Obama said “it’s impossible to alter an election and Trump will just have to accept the results.”

• Corruption was complicit with Obama and Clintons! Investigate real collusion!

• We should consider their actions just short of an act of war.

Approval rating

 We asked, “How do you feel about President Trump?” It was not quite an even split: 25 percent picked, “I’m 110 percent pleased with the President’s performance”; and another 25 percent said he was “a little rough around the edges” but said that, overall, they’re pleased. From the other angle, 19 percent said they’re not happy with him; and 28 percent said they’re “110 percent disappointed.”


• ...  It’s the low income and uneducated people in this area that will suffer the most. They reap what they sow for voting for him. No sympathy from me.

• One of the best and we need to get behind him and support him. ...

• He is a complete failure and embarrassment.

• He came to office by promoting resentment and has been dividing Americans, our allies and potential friends ever since.

• ... President Trump might say things that make folks a little uncomfortable but they are things that need to be said. He might say things that seem far fetched but he always gets proven correct.

Worrisome times

We asked, “How do you feel about the current state of affairs in the U.S.?” What we found is that a lot of us, evidently, are worried about the future.

Just more than 32 percent picked this response: “We’re headed for certain and terrible calamity.” Another 25 percent said, “I’m somewhat concerned about where we’re going.”

On the other side, 28 percent said the future looks bright and they’re optimistic; and 8 percent said “Overall, we’re doing OK.”


• If the Democrats and society in general can not pull their head out of their southern areas then we are all in for trouble. ...

• I’m still hopeful that America will come to its senses by 2020, but evidence indicates otherwise.

• Trade wars and budget deficits are terrible but take years to reach their full effect. We will be paying for current mistakes for years to come.

• I think the liberal agendas and pro recreational drug use policies will hurt us down the road. I also think that some of the stronger stands that are being taken on immigration, taxes, and trade could help us.

• The 2018 election will be a choice between preserving democracy or white supremacy.

• I got a bonus and 2 raises because of his tax cuts. I’m very excited to see where things go in the next 6-7 years of his presidency.

The tax cut is heading us towards another catastrophic recession fueled by the stock buy backs which is inflating stock values and creating another bubble all thanks to the tax cuts. ...

It seems bad ... but we’re a huge country and can absorb a lot of shock ... I don’t think it will be all that bad long term. ...

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