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A 34-year-old Yuba City woman was arrested Monday evening after allegedly stabbing a man in the neck at her residence, according to the Yuba City Police Department.

The possibility of finding yourself in an active shooter situation seemingly grows by the day in America. It’s a fear that can no longer be cast away with a simple, “that won’t happen around here.”

It’s all about who can sound most like a duck ... or maybe not. And hundreds of people are expected to flock to Colusa next weekend to attend the annual California State Calling Championship. 

The Olivehurst-Linda Little League Girls Majors Softball team had quite a season and will be celebrated for their efforts during a parade in Olivehurst on Sunday.

Let’s pretend for a moment. What if? Do you have a choice? How are patriotic freedom loving citizens looked at in the media? How are Judeau-Christian values treated in the media? How are we treated in court? When are we not called vicious names?

Yuba-Sutter folk, unless they travel to the ocean, don’t have much to worry about, shark-wise. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be fascinated by TV sharks.

Hundreds of families lined up at Ettl Hall behind the Sutter County Museum Friday to attend the 9th annual SonFest Back to School Extravaganza, sponsored by Restoration Center.