On Saturday, the Kentucky Derby had an ending that may be talked about for decades to come. 

One horse crosses the finish line ahead of all the others, but then somehow after a review of the race a different horse was named the champion. 

I did take into account that my knowledge of professional horse racing is few and far between, but from what I could hear on the broadcast of the event, it felt like Maximum Security got robbed. 

Have challenges gotten out of hand in sports?

In the big four, football, basketball, baseball and hockey, video challenges are now in full tilt. However, so is controversy. 

It’s something that you can’t dodge in sports, the winner will never look back, while the loser immediately finds an excuse for the result. Admit it, we’re all guilty. 

For example, in Game 1 of the Rockets and Warriors’ series last week, the main storyline was that James Harden should have gotten a foul call, instead Houston just flat out lost. 

It’s not that we should do away with video review, it definitely helps officials in every sports league and makes their job a lot less stressful. I just feel that we should be a lot more understanding, that not everything should be under rule of a video. If there’s a gray area, leave it to the moment. If it’s black and white, let the video call it. It’s as simple as that. 

One argument to be made would come from any New Orleans Saints fan who even remotely follows the team. Last January, a no-call was made that could have potentially changed the outcome. It’s sports, these things happen. 

If there is one thing that almost every coach/mentor taught me, it’s that sometimes you just have to stare adversity in the eye and overcome it. 


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