Garrett McCray

East Nicolaus’ Garrett McCray works out at home during the pandemic.

Editor’s note: In a normal year, it would be time for spring football camps to be gearing up around the area. This year, however; due to the ongoing public health crisis surrounding coronavirus, many teams are still uncertain about when they can begin working out, and if there will even be a high school football season. We’re profiling high school athletes to get a real understanding of what it is like to train at home. Please reach out to if you want to tell your story.


Garrett McCray admitted that since East Nicolaus High School shut down in light of coronavirus nearly three months ago that about 85 percent of his day is spent at home. 

Under normal circumstances, McCray said he was almost never at home. Between school, multiple sports and practice he only spent about 30 percent of each day tucked away at his residence. 

With East Nicolaus pushing back its senior camp workouts to at least June 8 due to the pandemic, McCray, a captain and expected starting middle linebacker as a junior, is asked to get in football shape at home. 

It’s not easy, McCray said. 

“Being around everybody gives me a lot of motivation,” said McCray, who averaged over 10 tackles per game for a total 135 as a sophomore in 2019. “At home it’s not all there as much as it was.” 

McCray detailed what his week is like beginning shortly after waking up: 

“I wake up at 8:30 a.m. each day; eat breakfast; then start my workout at 12:30 p.m.,” McCray said. “I have been able to workout five days a week.” 

On Monday and Friday, McCray works his arms through different machines; Tuesday is legs; Wednesday is a rest day; and Thursday is incline bench. He said he rarely uses a spotter as a way to abide by social distancing guidelines. 

“I keep the weight at a level I can do on my own,” McCray said. 

Then on the weekends, McCray said he’s most likely fishing to get away from it and relax his mind and body. 

“It has been difficult to adjust,” McCray said. “I just keep grinding – keep on lifting – and use self motivation to set goals for this year.” 

He said he’s hoping to be bench pressing at least 275 by the time camp opens on June 8. 

“I have a white board at home; the goal would be 275-285,” McCray said. 

Upon re-entering campus, McCray said he is most eyeing a return to socialization. 

“I’m looking forward to being around my teammates and all their support,” he said. 

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