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Sport editor, John Stevens

With the final slate of CIF state championship games finishing last night, we can all finally take a long exhale of breath. High school football season is officially over.

With the end of one sport comes the start of another: Basketball. 

Youngsters have hit the hardwood this season with a lot of enthusiasm. Tournaments are in full swing and teams across the area are doing some self-grooming before league play starts after the holiday break.

Keeping this in mind, I decided to make a list of pros and cons for basketball season: 

Pro: Games rarely get cancelled due to weather

Football is fun, but sometimes the weather that comes along with it is not. Whether it’s excruciating heat during training camp or extremity-numbing temperatures in the playoffs, it really tests your love for the sport. 

Basketball on the other hand is always indoors in a nice, usually warm gym. This makes for ease of mind for parents, players and coaches – that their scheduled game will indefinitely happen at the set time and location provided. 

It sounds silly, but it’s definitely a game-changer. 

Con: Everyone wants

to be Steph

The game of basketball is evolving, there’s no doubt about it. More and more professional coaches are okay with players taking oodles of 3-point shots. And that’s great, but in high school it seems a little weird. Why not teach the basics while kids are young and let them develop their three-ball as they go?

Though I’m probably just turning into the stubborn, traditional sports fan I always told myself I’d never be.

Pro: Shooter’s touch

What I personally love about basketball are the crazy bounces that can be exhibited on a game-to-game basis. 

There’s nothing like the buzzer going off and a ball taking three bounces on the rim before falling in. It adds a certain dramatic factor that other sports lack. 

It also raises everyone’s blood pressure, which I suppose could make it a con. 

Con: Lack of physicality

This is definitely a touchy subject nowadays. But no matter which side of the debate you’re on, you have to admit, watching clean, physical play can be fun. 

Sure basketball has charges and posterizing dunks, but sometimes we want to see more.

Plus, with how officials crack down on fouls, it can be frustrating to someone who appreciates the even flow of games.

Pro: Student sections and crowd noise

The echo of a home team’s gym during a visiting team’s free-throw attempt can be a powerful advantage. 

Sure, football has impressive student sections, but there’s nothing like packing a group full of a teenagers into a small, enclosed environment where there’s nothing in their way to stop them from heckling players. 

If your school doesn’t already have some sort of student section tradition at games, I suggest you start one. It’s a blast. 

Con: Uniform fashion?

It would appear that short shorts are back.

This is news to me. When I played it was the longer the shorts, the bigger the swag. I understand that this in itself is a bit silly, but perhaps we could find a nice happy medium?

Athletes go through phases, but I’m starting to get confused as to why we’re embracing the shorts of Bird and Magic again. Could someone fill me in?

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