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Sport editor, John Stevens

People who prefer games with a large amount of popularity often question whether or not some smaller sports should even be considered a sport. Well with rodeo events, there’s no doubt in my mind. 

These participants put there life on the line every round. Whether it’s calf-roping, barrel racing or the craziest of them all, bull riding; rodeo events exemplify what it means to be an athlete. 

These riders have to be in tip-top shape while still focusing on the task at hand. Sound familiar? Football players have to do the same thing, except they don’t have to worry about a giant animal directing them into life-threatening situations.

Growing up in Texas, my sister had horses that she trained. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no where near a true cowboy, but I can sure appreciate the type of muscle soreness you feel after a day or trail riding. I’m here to tell you, the core-strength that it takes to ride a horse rivals that of any Olympic gymnast. 

So next time you catch a rodeo event – whether it be at the Marysville Stampede or somewhere else – think about how you’re watching exceptional athletes. They’re just dressed differently.


On Friday I took the short trip north for coverage of the Live Oak–Hamilton game. I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting, but man. I have to hand it to their crowd. They even showed up in full-numbers for the junior varsity game. 

At one moment I closed my eyes and I felt like I was back in a small, football-driven, East Texas town. It was incredible. 

The Lions’ student section was rocking all game, despite the fact that their team took a huge lead in the first quarter. It would have been really easy to just pack up and go home due to such a wide-margin.

What this really made me appreciate was the whole ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ – high school spirit edition. 

Of course the large football programs have great school spirit, but sometimes it’s the smaller communities that have the truer meaning of spirit. When the lights shine bright on Friday, the town shuts down and goes all out to support its local team. And that’s why I love sports. 


This week in prep sports will be one for the books for both Marysville and Sutter. The Huskies will face Chico High in volleyball on Tuesday and on the gridiron on Friday. Both match-ups will pose a threat to the Huskies, but they will definitely be ‘what are you made of?’ kind of games. 

As for the Indians, Marysville volleyball will travel to play both Mesa Verde (Tues.) and Las Plumas (Thurs.) before its fall sport comrades – the football team – comes off its bye week to host Las Plumas. 

Another notable match-ups in prep sports this week includes the Live Oak girls tennis team (3-0) which opens up its league play on Tuesday at Sutter. 

In the national spotlight: The San Francisco Giants (71-77) will play inter-league action at Fenway Park against the Red Sox (77-70), while the Oakland A’s (88-60) play host to a struggling Kansas City Royals (55-93) ball club. 

Today, the Oakland Raiders (1-0) will take on the Kansas City Chiefs  (1-0), while the San Francisco 49ers (1-0) hope to snag another road win against the Cincinnati Bengals (0-1). 


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